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The Surveillance State is Making a List & Checking it Twice

The Surveillance State is Making a List

You had better be on the lookout, you had better not pout, and you had better not cry because I’m going to tell you why: this Xmas, it’s going to be the Surveillance State that’s making a list & checking it twice, so it won’t matter whether you’ve been naughty or nice. They’re going to check it twice.

You are going to find yourself on this list regardless of whether or not you like it or are being naughty or nice.

The Deep State’s practice of widespread electronic monitoring is analogous to a “gift” that keeps on giving…right back to the Deep State.

Dragnets based on geofencing.

Fusion centers.

Smart gadgets.

Threat evaluations based on behaviors.

Watch lists for terrorist attacks Facial recognition.

Spy on confidential tip lines.

Scanners that read biometric data.


DNA databases.

Data mining.

Technology that can predict the future.

Applications for tracking down contacts.

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What all of this adds up to is a society in which the ordinary individual, on any given day, is now watched, surveilled, spied on, and monitored in more than 20 distinct ways by the eyes and ears of both the government and corporate America.

Big Brother is the result of Big Tech and Big Government joining together.

A massive network of technological Peeping Toms, electronic eavesdroppers, and robotic snoops are constantly keeping tabs on the citizens of the United States of America. This occurs every second of every day.

This eerie new era of government and corporate spying—in which we are getting listened to, watched, monitored, followed, charted, bought, and sold as well as targeted—has been accomplished by a global invasion force of techno-tyrants, fusion centers, and Peeping Toms.

Think about just a tiny sample of the technologies that are being used to follow our travels, monitor our expenditures, and sniff out all of the possibilities in which our ideas, behaviors, and social circles may place us on the government’s naughty list, regardless of whether or not you have done anything illegal.

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