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The Man Accused of Attacking Paul Pelosi

Attacking Paul Pelosi

According to the man’s 19-year-old son, the man who is accused of attacking Paul Pelosi, Nancy Pelosi’s husband, endured abuse throughout his entire life. The young man is skeptical of the claims made by the media as well as law enforcement that his father even committed the crime that they are saying he did.

According to comments made by David DePape’s son, Nebosvod “Sky” Gonzalez, David DePape “isn’t a bad guy” and “did everything he could as a parent.” These comments were made to DailyMail Online in the United Kingdom.

According to Gonzalez’s explanation, “there is no individual on this earth that has gone through as much misery as I have.” “If you glance into his eyes, you can tell that he is such a sad guy, (but) he isn’t a risk to society – I don’t even know if he assaulted Mr. Pelosi,” she said. “If you stare into his eyes, one can see that he is such a sad person.”

Elon Musk, the newly appointed CEO of Twitter, has also brought up the possibility that Don DePape was “some kind of sex slave,” which raises even more doubts about the nature of his relationship with Nancy Pelosi.

Why else would DePape have struck Pelosi with such pinpoint accuracy unless the two of them were familiar with one another?

Despite sneaking into the $8 million home and attacking Pelosi with a lethal weapon on Oct 28th, DePape reportedly attempted to kill Pelosi. Recently, he was required to make an appearance before a judge in San Francisco in order to be arraigned on state charges.

Gonzalez claims that DePape informed him and his brother Daniel, who is 17 years old, that DePape’s parents sent him to his grandparents, who then physically abused him. Daniel was present throughout this conversation, according to Gonzalez. In order to prevent the worst of it, he often ran away to the beach where he would swim in the water till the day was through.

Gonzalez went on to divulge other gruesome details about his father’s background by saying, “He frequently told us he was reared in a violent family and that he was physically beaten by his grandparents.”

Gonzalez claims that when DePape was only a little child, his grandmother “dumped a kettle of boiling hot water on him.” According to Gonzalez, this occurred while DePape was only a toddler.

According to what he said, “a piece of his garment burned into his body and disfigured him for life.”

Gonzalez has said that he feels horrible for Pelosi, but he has also stressed the fact that in spite of what the media and sources inside law enforcement are saying, “we don’t know what occurred.”

It’s impossible for me to say whether or not the allegations against my father are true. What we have learned up to this point does not make any sense at all.

Because of all that DePape has been through, it has been difficult for him to form friendships. His kid claims that “he is a loner;” yet, Gonzalez claims that he is not a murderer despite what his son says.

He said that “he is not the kind of guy who would do it.” “I find the entire situation to be rather surprising. There remains a significant amount of information that has not been made available to the general public. I have absolutely no idea what took place or how it took place. At the moment, there are far more questions than there are answers. Do we even have a clue as to what really took place?”

The question on Gonzalez’s mind is: How did his father ever manage to get into the Pelosi residence in the very first place?

When he remarked, “For all we knew, he was some kind of sex slave,” the insinuation was that Pelosi may be a sadistic pervert.

He was suggesting that Pelosi is a sexual abuser. “I’m trying to figure out how David was able to enter the residence. Is there anybody who can properly explain what took place there?

Since Gonzalez’s father “does not adhere to any political group, Democratic or Republican,” according to Gonzalez, it is very unlikely that there was a political purpose behind the attack. “The two parties are merely coverings and colors,” DePape informed his kid about the festivities.

It is possible that we might never learn the truth about this situation, but it is quite clear that Pelosi wasn’t really assaulted by an unknown person at random. An in-depth probe into what the relationship is and was like with DePape is warranted.

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