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Social Networks Surveillance Program Discovered

Social Networks Surveillance

The social networks surveillance program was actually discovered very early last year by an online news site that exposed the USPS silently tracking social media sites, and private messages of Americans, consisting of details of future demonstrations.

It was simply referred to as the “Internet Covert Operations Program” (ICOP).

What is Computer or laptop monitoring?

Computer system and network monitoring is simply the tracking of PC’s activity, and information saved locally on a computer system or information being transmitted across computer systems like the WWW. This type of tracking is frequently conducted discreetly and can be done by federal governments, companies, criminal agencies, or even people.

COVID-19 Symposium: COVID-19, Cyber Surveillance Normalisation and Human  Rights Law - Opinio Juris
Website Surveillance

Analyzers sift thru social networking sites looking for “inflammatory” blog posts, which are then provided to state and federal government agencies. Constitutional freedoms specialists quoted in the report have challenged the lawful authority of the USPS to keep track of social networks activity, asking: “Why would the state and federal government depend on the postal service to check the web for safety and security reasons?”.

“Let’s assume the people these guys are keeping track of are executing or perhaps intending to do unlawful things, then that should be something for the FBI, right?” pointed out one person in the article, adding in “assuming that these people are only participating in legally protected speech, even when it’s unpleasant or objectionable, well then, keeping track of them on those grounds elevates significant constitutional issues.”

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