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Keeping Tabs on you by Following your Travels

Keeping tabs on you

Keeping tabs on you by following your travels and analyzing data from your phone

The usage of mobile phones has made them become de facto informants since they provide a constant stream of digitized location data about the activities and travels of their owners.

For instance, on January 6th, the FBI was able to utilize geofence data to locate upwards of 5,000 mobile devices (as well as the owners of those devices) inside a 4-acre radius around the Capitol.

You run the risk of going to prison if you use the most recent surveillance strategy because you were at the “wrong place and time.” In addition, cell-site simulators are being used by the police in order to carry out warrantless mass surveillance of the demonstrations that are taking place. In addition, federal agents now have access to a variety of hacking techniques that allow them to obtain access to any computer activity and “see” whatever is shown on your screen at any given time.

In addition, malicious hacking software could be employed to remotely activate a target’s cameras and microphones, which provides still another avenue for prying into the private life of a target.

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