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The number of unnecessary fatalities has been steadily rising

fatalities has been steadily rising

The number of unnecessary fatalities has been steadily rising throughout the developed world since the covid “vaccines” were released as part of Operation Warp Speed.

Most notably, in recent days, Japan, which did quite well during the scamdemic prior to the jab, has witnessed skyrocketing rates of excess mortality – particularly after the most recent covid “boosters” were supplied by Pfizer. Japan performed very well throughout the scamdemic.

The “booster shot” campaign for the third dosage of the vaccine was initiated in Japan on December 1, 2021, and it was projected that 83 percent of the people would be “completely vaccinated” by the conclusion of 2022. As a direct result of this, Japan saw the largest number of mortalities in the last 11 years.

According to research by The Exposé, the number of unexpected fatalities was nearly four times more than it was expected to be in the years 2017, 2018, 2019, through 2021.

But hold on, where does the year 2020 fit into all of this? We are grateful that you raised this question since it has come to our attention that the year 2020, which occurred before the release of the so-called “vaccines,” had the lowest number of extra fatalities when compared to the nine years that came before it.

That is to say, the year 2020, which was the year of the scamdemic as well as the only year of the scamdemic in which the shots were not administered, experienced the lowest number of additional fatalities in Japan’s recent history. It wasn’t until Donald Trump opened fire at the end of 2020 and into 2021 that an abnormally high number of people started to lose their lives in that region.

Regarding the event that is now taking place, Joel Smalley noted that “logical reasoning and Occam’s razor imply that the mRNA experimentation is connected with considerable loss of life.”

If there had been no such thing as a “vaccine” against covids, millions of people may have been protected from unexpected death.
We have been informed that the Japanese population has a reputation for being quite obedient when it comes to complying with the dictates of their government. The majority of Japanese citizens did not bat an eye when they were pressured to agree with the introduction and promotion of covid injections.

As a direct consequence of this, Japan was able to achieve its goal of “fully vaccinating” the majority of its population much more quickly than other nations were able to do so. However, as a consequence of this, Japan also emerged as one of the world’s excess death leaders, recording increased rates of untimely death.

According to a study by The Exposé, “… shortly after the covid ‘epidemic’ in 2020, Japan saw the most substantial time of seasonal deficit in 10 years in terms of mortality when there had been no excess mortality whatsoever.”

“And yet, ever since the mass mRNA experiment that was performed on them (to guard them against a virus or condition from which they did not need protection), they have enjoyed larger seasonal excess as well as a lower seasonal deficit,”

To put it another way, the year 2020 was a very successful one for Japan, as the country recorded the lowest “super excess” mortality rate in a decade. In the year 2021, while Operation Warp Speed had been in full swing, the number of deaths classified as “super excess” started to increase to the normal range. By the year 2022, when the “booster” was implemented, the excess mortality rate in Japan had quadrupled.

It is incomprehensible how anybody, with the information that is readily accessible to the public, would continue to claim that these shots are “saving lives.” The data make it very evident that “covid” is not the factor that is responsible for the deaths of individuals; rather, the jabs are.

According to the findings presented in The Exposé, “Before the ‘vaccination’ push, the seasonal shortfall mortality averaged little over 45k.” “The number was only 17,000 in the year 2022, and both 2021 and 2022 were the only 2 years since 2011 to have baselines that were greater than the lower end of the spectrum of the range trend.”

“In terms of ‘net deficit,’ once more 2022 saw a steady increase above reasonable range, at around 4 times past years, since 2020 (the year when the covid ‘epidemic’) had bucked the latest developments, coming in way lower. This is because 2022 has seen a sharp rise above average limits, at around 4 times in recent years.

After a year of below-average mortality, measured both in regards to seasonal excess or baseline during the supposed pandemic, Japan is currently facing the worst mortality results in recent history. This comes after Japan had normal mortality for a whole year.

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