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What Will The New Normal Look Like In 2022?

The New Normal In 2022

Reporter and bureaucratic analyst Kim Iversen broke down What Will The New Normal Look Like in 2022 and even beyond.

Iversen in this CNBC statement said that the “new normal” is certainly “not so normal” and what it could look like.

The short video below forecasted, “COVID is going to most likely give up its ‘pandemic’ standing at some point in 2022 … the infection may most likely end up being an ‘endemic,’ diminishing in intensity and even folding into the background as part of a day-to-day way of life.”

While at the same time she said that this stuff is actually “occurring because of COVID vaccinations”, Iversen claimed that it’s because “a growing number of individuals have gotten infected” and the most recent variant, Omicron, is “showing to be extremely moderate in its signs and symptoms.”

CNBC claimed, “COVID is going to be a danger even after the pandemic finishes – just like influenza.”

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interesting how encouraging people to become more healthy is still not recommended… Funny how the ” conspiracy theories” are always 6 months ahead of the news. hmm, interesting indeed…

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