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Unvaccinated NBA Star Kyrie Irving Returning To Brooklyn Nets

Kyrie Irving Returning to NBA

Kyrie Irving and the Brooklyn Nets have been engaged in a Mexican standoff since the NBA superstar decided he would NOT play in basketball in New York city than adhere to the city’s vaccination requirement. Having said that, the Nets appear to have knuckled under and allowed Irving to return, practice, and even play in road games.

What changed? Well, The Brooklyn Nets administration saw an outbreak of COVID in the totally immunized team members, resulting in not having sufficient players to play the game, leaving them with NO choice but to bring Irving back.

The 29-year-old does NOT intend to be immunized, which implies the man will not be able to participate in home games since he does not satisfy New York’s vaccination requirement. Some say “Its a start to ending these draconian mandates”


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Here is the Brooklyn Nets explanetion regarding the move:

” We believe that the addition of Kyrie will not only make us a much better team but enable us to more optimally balance the physical demand on the entire lineup.

We eagerly anticipate Kyrie’s come back to the lineup, in addition to getting our whole roster back together on the court.”

It is uncertain when Irving is going to return to the court as the Nets are going to need to evaluate his physical fitness status first.

Irving is among one of the most talented scorers in NBA history. The guy averaged 27 points for each game the previous year and even joined Kevin Durant and also Steve Nash in the remarkable 50-40-90 Club (at the very least 50% shooting out of the field, 40% shooting from 3, and 90% shooting from the foul line for an entire year).

Nets' Kyrie Irving says he's not retiring, explains why he's choosing not  to receive COVID-19 vaccine -

This guy sustained LeBron James throughout the 2016 NBA Finals, in which he hit the stepback 3 over Stephen Curry that provided the Cleveland Cavaliers their very first championship in franchise history.


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