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WORLD Bank Supported UNIVERSAL Digital I.D. Program Before the Pandemic

Some Say That The WORLD Bank Supported UNIVERSAL Digital I.D. Program Before the Pandemic

Under the “digital incorporation” project, Bill Gates was promoting India’s Aadhaar, and the World Bank supported the digital I.D. program before the Pandemic.

The World Banking company is greatly invested in this program.

Bill Gates has become an international “expert” regarding COVID-19, financing vaccinations, and even instructing federal governments on how to react to the pandemic.

Gates was persistently trying to set up a worldwide digital I.D. framework long ahead of the outbreak, that is currently being marketed as a means to fight the virus.

The GSMA – the business sector establishment for international wireless providers – recently released a document outlining the push with regard to virtual IDENTIFICATION systems around the world to act in response to COVID-19.

State authorities throughout India are acclimatizing real-time digital recognition systems to keep track of obedience with quarantines occurring from the COVID-19 pandemic

At the same time, the Jamaican authorities are seeking to fast track the rollout of its own International Identity Program to allow it to distribute assistance in reaction to the COVID-19 breakout…

GSMA innovations are sustained through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. As disclosed previous year, the biometrics firm Idemia signed up with the plan.

Idemia has already registered with GSMA Tech Laboratory in order to support the advancement of technologies and future innovations that support electronic digital and monetary inclusion …

The GSMA Technology Research laboratory plans to market accessibility to personal financial, medicine and healthcare, movement, as well as various other services by supporting efforts around open APIs, machine learning, by electronic digital identification … The GSMA Technology Laboratory is also supported or backed by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Idemia is a key company connected to providing the framework requirements of the majority of electronic digital & biometric IDENTIFICATION devices around the globe.

Idemia likewise produces driver’s licenses throughout the united state of America.

In 2019, Real News Cast News disclosed that Bill Gates was actually promoting India’s Aadhaar electronic digital I.D. system, supported by Idemia, (presently endorsed to combat COVID-19) worldwide.

It’s not just a social network credit rating device advocating the globe from Asia, It endangers the free people of the planet; India’s Aadhaar nationwide IDENTIFICATION plan has the total financial backing of Bill Gates and the World Banking institution acting as a model for other nations to abide by.

Gates claimed in 2018 during a Real News Cast conversation that it was “regrettable” in the case that somebody assumed that Aadhaar was a personal privacy problem. He went on to say “Those individuals that decline to be identified by means of this system may at some point end up being outcasts and even refused fundamental services”.

Now that’s some scary sh*t…

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