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EU to Train Ukrainian Forces

Ukrainian Forces

According to reports, the announcement of the EU to train Ukrainian forces has caused divisions inside the alliance. According to a report in the newspaper Der Tagesspiegel, Germany & Poland are at direct odds over which country should house the HQ of the operation.

At an overall price of €107 million ($110 million), the European Union Military Support Mission (EUMAM), which had its formal debut on Monday, will spend the next 2 years providing training to about 15,000 Ukrainian troops. Josep Borrell, who is in charge of the international strategy of the organization, said that it was agreed upon in a record amount of time and that it would become fully functioning within a few weeks.

However, according to the sources who were cited by the newspaper, there was a dispute between Warsaw & Berlin on the location of the mission’s headquarters, which caused the launch to be delayed by several weeks. According to the source, Germany raised an objection to Poland playing a part in hosting it due to fears about “disruptive actions” that may be carried out by Russia from the autonomous region of Kaliningrad.

According to Tagesspiegel, the final agreement is a compromise option that calls for the municipality of Strausberg, which is located around 30 kilometers east of Berlin, to host smaller operations focused on specialist military training.

In the meanwhile, Poland will host “the real headquarters” in a site that will remain secret for reasons of national security, according to the statement.

Throughout the whole of the conflict in Ukraine, Poland has been among the most outspoken critics of Berlin, blaming it for being unwilling to cut relations with Russia and to provide Kiev with the weaponry.

The two member states of the EU have clashed on a number of other matters as well.

The Polish government has requested that Germany compensate it for the damages caused to the nation during World War II, but Berlin has refused to do so. The requested amount is €1.32 trillion ($1.37tn).

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