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The withdrawal of Russian soldiers from various villages in eastern Ukraine

According to many reporters who are currently stationed in the fighting zone, an order was given on Saturday for the Russian military with allied troops of the People’s Republics of Donetsk & Lugansk to withdraw from the city of Izyum.

After fierce combat in April, Russia was able to take control of the city of Izum, which is situated on the Seversky-Donets River and is about 120 kilometers southeast of the regional headquarters of Kharkov.

Ivan Poddubny, a journalist for the Rossiya 1 channel, said that the pullout was an essential move to take in order to avoid the Russian troops from being surrounded.

There are reports that Ukrainian soldiers have entered Kupyansk, which has been serving as a logistics base for the Russian forces, and combat has reportedly broken out on the borders of Krasny Liman.

Daniil Bezsonov, deputy information minister for the Donetsk Republic, subsequently acknowledged that the withdrawal had taken place. He said, “Yes, we left Izyum and some other villages in the Kharkov direction.”

The Russian Ministry of Defense has not yet issued a statement about the status of Kharkov region; nevertheless, on Saturday they released a video showing extra people and gear being sent to the region.
After Kiev’s efforts to expand in other regions were unsuccessful, the Ukrainian government decided to begin the large-scale attack with the use of weaponry provided by the West on Thursday in the Kharkov Region.

On Friday, United States Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said that Ukraine had achieved “some success” in the Kharkov area and referred to the recent events as “very, very positive.”

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