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Babies Born Into Lockdowns Have Lower IQs

Kids Have Lower IQs when confined indoors

It’s an indisputable fact that Babies Born Into C…V…19 Lockdowns have Lower IQs, because of much Less Human Interaction, yet the ruling class refuses to acknowledge this.

The clinical data bear out what anyone with common sense and basic understanding of human development knows instinctively. Children who came into the world prior to the coronavirus had an intellectual score floating about 100, according to this particular study. But the test ratings regarding infants birthed during the pandemic fell dramatically, to 78. That’s 22 points less than what’s considered normal.

Should Wear a Mask While Showering? You just can’t make this stuff up folks, take a look below.

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Even CNN is getting in on this craziness.

Weaponizing Fear to Induce Compliance,thats the name of the game.

Via CNN:

Take a look at The Arrogance of Fauci, this evil man Wants Babies and Toddlers Vaccinated by 2022, how INSANE is this? The worst part is, a LOT of parents will GIVE him their very own kids to be tested guineapigs.

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