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Humanity’s Advancement Toward Truth – Freedom and Prosperity

Humanity's Advancement Toward Truth - Can you handle TRUTH?

The vast majority of institutions that make up contemporary Western Civilization are the ones standing in the way of humanity’s advancement toward truth, freedom, and prosperity. Keep reading till the end, you will know WHAT is Happening – Who is doing it, and HOW they are doing it.

Nearly without exception, all Western institution, including the government, the press, entertainment, athletics, schooling, banking, technology, research, and healthcare, as well as others, has been taken over by anti-human, Cultic forces whose policies have their roots in pure evil:

Abuse of children through practices such as pedophilia and transgenderism

Assimilation in satanism, as well as satanist practices


Anti-human population reduction

Censor on a massive scale, along with the choking of human thought and the truths (Google, and mostly Facebook,  that includes YouTube, even Twitter, etc.)

Poisonous food, toxic medication, and harmful fake news are causing widespread poisoning of the human population.

Compliance on a mass scale and authoritarian rule over the conduct of persons

Total violation of one’s privacy and the suppression of their rights to be left undisturbed, along with widespread monitoring.

The destruction of food supplies (hunger, malnutrition, and scarcity), which are essential to the survival of human civilization.

The depletion of energy supplies, which are essential to the continued function of an economy

“Treatments” that are actually bioweapons that have been manufactured and are intended to attain worldwide extermination

A direct assault on traditional family values, heterosexual couples, mostly white men, and any kind of logic, reasoning, or normality

This same White House has recently begun to employ openly satanist gays such as Demetre Daskalakis, whose photographs can be seen further down the page. In addition to having tattoos that portray Luciferian motifs, this guy wears leather S&M bondage attire in the form of the demonic pentagram star. Pictures of him circulate that give the impression that he had sexual interactions with other gays who refer to themselves as beasts.

Since it is evident that the White House was aware of all of this prior to hiring him, this indicates that authorities want you to be aware that you are being dominated by satanist homosexuals.

The physician who will treat you will examine you today… There is no question that the NIH will award him a multimillion-dollar grant for his “research” on monkeypox transmission vectors.

Here is a photograph that has been making the rounds that depicts what seems to be “Satan’s Satanic Avengers,” in my perspective a group of perverts & freaks that already symbolize the phony Biden White House. This particular image creation has been spreading. (The “admiral” just on the left is so mentally ill that he believes he’s a woman, and at this moment one-fourth of Dems truly believe that males are capable of becoming pregnant.

You must understand that what you’re seeing is already happening in other countries, such as Canada (under the leadership of Trudeau), the United Kingdom, Germany, and France, down under Australia, Ukraine, and numerous others. Almost every one of the countries that make up Western Society is ruled by diabolical freaks & perverts that look down on mankind and reject God.

These people loathe mankind. They’re not attempting to conceal it. It is now easy for everyone in the world to witness the demons.

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