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50 Russian servicemen had been freed

The Russian Defence Department made the announcement on Saturday that 50 Russian servicemen had been freed as a result of a prisoner exchange that had taken place between Moscow and Kiev.

The ministry stated in a statement that the released troops will be transported toward the Russian capital for hospital attention after it was determined that “their lives had been at risk while they were in captivity.”

On his Telegram channel, the acting leader of Russia’s Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), Denis Pushilin, said that the trade was carried out on a ’50-for-50′ basis. This indicates that both parties contributed equally to the transaction.

According to Pushilin claimed, “We are mostly giving over troops from the Ukrainian Armed Forces.”

“50 of our warriors are going to be freed, including 7 individuals from the People’s Republic of Donetsk and 2 people from the People’s Republic of Lugansk. We are awaiting the arrival of the men,” he stated in his post.

According to a message sent on Telegram by Andrey Yermak, who serves as the director of the office of Vladimir Zelensky, 52 Ukrainians have been set free. According to him, there are a total of 3 soldiers, 2 civilians, 8 border guards, 9 members of the voluntary Territorial Defense Force, 8 members of the National Guard, and 18 members of the Navy among the group.

Yermak made the following declaration: “We will not stop and will continue to accomplish the president’s job of returning all Ukrainians home.”

Even though there has not been a ceasefire in place for months and real peace discussions between Ukraine and Russia have not taken place, prisoner exchanges have continued to take place.

The swap took place a week ago and resulted in the release of 108 Ukrainian female soldiers in return for 110 Russians, the majority of whom were civilian sailors.

Another significant exchange took occurred a month ago, after 55 Russian & Donbass soldiers were freed, together with Ukrainian leader of the opposition Viktor Medvedchuk, who had been accused of treason in Kiev. This was a significant development in the conflict. During the same time period, more than 215 troops were reportedly turned up to the Ukrainian government by President Vladimir Zelensky. They included more than 100 personnel of the Azov Brigade, which is composed of warriors who openly hold nationalist and neo-Nazi ideologies among their ranks.

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