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In the Black Sea, a navy vessel collides with a mine

According to information provided by the Romanian Navy, a naval vessel from Romania that is specifically meant to clear mines from the water accidentally triggered one while on a deployment in the Black Sea.

The statement that was released indicates that the incident that involved the minesweeper named “Lieutenant Dimitrie Nicolescu” took place on Thursday. It is alleged that the ship landed in the region in order to detonate a mine that had been seen by another vessel prior to its arrival. However, when Lieutenant Dimitrie Nicolescu neared the mine that was floating freely in the water, the wind came up, making it impossible for the crew to complete their mission.

In the end, the mine was what brought down the vessel. An inconsequential hole was reportedly created in the minesweeper’s rear cabin as a result of the explosion, as stated by the Romanian Navy.

“The 75 troops of the ship’s personnel are not in jeopardy,” the statement stated, with no injuries recorded.

As a consequence of the event, the minesweeper’s buoyancy was not compromised in any way, according to the authorities, since the crew moved in to seal the hole as swiftly as possible.

To assist in towing the injured minesweeper, a second ship from the Romanian Navy sailed out of the Port of Constanta.

There is currently no information available to the general public on the nation that owned the mine, which has been situated around 46 kilometers away from the port.

Since the beginning of Russia’s military action in Ukraine in early February, Monitorul, a Romanian news site, reports that this is the fourth sea mine to reach the country’s territorial seas since the conflict in Ukraine began. Since that time, the Turkish & Bulgarian Navies have each neutralized a number of sea mines, bringing the total number of mines destroyed to several.

The Russian government has issued numerous warnings that the sea mines that were planted by the Ukrainians at the beginning of the conflict might pose a danger to maritime navigation in the Black Sea. Russia has also stated that some of the mines have ended up straying from their destined positions on multiple occasions.

The activities of Russia, according to Ukraine’s accusations, have put civilian ships at risk.

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