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What Happened with Pelosi and her kid in Taiwan

Some Taiwanese are asking what happened with Pelosi and her kid in Taiwan and if any transaction was conducted since they believe that something is fishy about her Asia trip.

Nancy Pelosi, the dishonest speaker of the US House of Reps, recently traveled to Asia. Pelosi met in secret with a major semiconductor manufacturer in Taiwan. A company in which Paul Jr. is the owner of the second-largest stake Despite Pelosi’s claims to the contrary (remember 10% for the “Big Guy”), it appears that her son engaged in business transactions while on the trip.

RNC kicked off almost a week earlier when we revealed that Pelosi appeared to have her kid with her on a prior trip to Asia. We were unable to verify whether the man was her child or if Pelosi’s visit was intended to boost the wealth of the crooked household. Pelosi’s previous actions suggest that this was the situation.

We quickly ascertained that Nancy’s travel companion was Paul Pelosi, Jr. Weeks ago, when Pelosi was questioned about that, she stated that he was only her escort and had “absolutely zero” involvement in any business transactions. Of course, nothing could be entrusted to Nancy.

While still in Taiwan, Nancy visited in private a computer chip manufacturer, one of the biggest businesses in Taiwan as well as the entire planet. This session wasn’t scheduled on the official schedule. Authorities from Taiwan are already enquiring into Pelosi’s travel and the activities of her son Paul Jr. while he was there.

We are still unclear about Pelosi Jr.’s position within the organization. However, since the son is the second-largest shareholder, Paul Jr., works with semiconductor vendors or manufacturers, this makes him suspect of insider dealings and information that could be connected to his mother, Nancy.

So, to summarize, Pelosi visited a semiconductor manufacturer, the ninth-largest firm in the world, along with Paul Pelosi, Jr., who is probably her “escort.”
Pelosi claims that her son Paul Jr. had “absolutely no” commercial interactions on her trip to Taiwan, despite the fact that Paul Jr. owns a sizable share in a Chinese company that deals with “chipset producers.”

Something smells here…

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