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Trudeau derailed a legislation bill

In the recent past, perhaps a month ago, the Liberals under the leadership of Trudeau made a choice that derailed a legislation bill that was generally well received. It has been astonishing to witness how poorly they have dealt with this crisis in the weeks that followed.

“Our intent with this legislation is to target guns designed for the battlefield, not once commonly used for hunting,” Trudeau said.

Strong public support was given to Bill C-21, which was marketed to the general population as a mechanism for enforcing a handgun prohibition and prohibiting what the government refers to as “military-style assault weapons.” That is, up until the point when the Liberals crossed the line & adding hundreds of hunting shotguns and rifles to the list of prohibited weapons.

Trudeau moved from declaring that anybody who had hunting firearms was going to be prohibited, saying that he was listening and that the government would consider making adjustments. This matter should have been resolved by now, considering the importance of communications & political strategy in the situation.

Instead, it is still a clutter and will continue to give the Liberals difficulties as they move into the Christmas break from Parliament.

Will he make an announcement that he is withdrawing his threat to hunters today?

Wednesday in the House of Commons, Conservative Party Leader Pierre Poilievre posed this question.

According to Trudeau, “Our objective with this law is to target firearms developed for the war, not previously routinely used for hunting.” This statement was made in reference to the proposed legislation.

The issue is, hunting shotguns and rifles is the focus of his legislation, as well as the revisions that his own government has proposed. His administration has also been sending out terrible messages about this issue from the very beginning.

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