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The World Watches in Horror this Disgusting Show of Globalization Gone Wild

The World Watches

As the world watches in horror at this disgusting show of globalism gone wild, the widely publicized annual conference of the WEF is garnering a lot of criticism this year.

This year’s meeting is centered on leader Klaus Schwab’s “master the future” theme, which seeks to enslave the whole planet under the heavy fist of globalist dictatorship.

In 2016, Schwab predicted that by the year 2030, nobody would own anything and be happy.

By the year 2020, everyone was talking about “The Great Reset.” After the presentation of COVID, the next item on the agenda is the resolution of the “crisis at the expense of living,” as well as “cooperation in a fragmented world.”

Schwab claims that globalists everywhere should unite with him under the banner of consolidating everything under the sun in order to achieve his long-term goals of a world takeover. One critic put it more succinctly, saying that “centralizing power into the control of hand-picked global elites” is what Schwab is trying to accomplish.

All liberty and freedom must be eliminated, particularly in the United States, where Schwab’s plans are being thwarted by petty obstacles such as the right to free speech and also the right to keep weapons.

Another critic said that the annual conference of the World Economic Forum “acts as the go-to in-person, invite-only, sealed to ideological dissidents, policy & ideas shop for the global ruling elite.”

This year, in the midst of a worldwide revolt against globalist tyranny, the WEF is playing the defensive.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) topics that will be discussed include “combating misinformation,” promoting more “public-private partnerships,” pushing for more “green” politics, and other buzzwords such as “DEI,” “resiliency,” “sustainability,” “health security,” digitizing the “metaverse,” and rolling out more “smart” technologies.

“We observe the many political, economic, and social dynamics producing growing disintegration on a national and global basis,” the researchers said. “We need to strengthen cooperation between both the business and government sectors in order to create the conditions for one strong and lasting recovery,” Schwab stated in a news release about the emphasis of this year’s meeting. The statement was made in reference to the topic that will be discussed at this year’s gathering.

“At the same time, it is necessary to acknowledge that economic progress must be made more robust and more sustainable and that no one should be left behind.”

Schwab further said during the meeting’s opening ceremonies that Covid and all that transpired in the globe with its unleashing serve “as catalytic drivers for the economic revolution” that he is striving for.

“We have the power to convert such obstacles into possibilities through collective responsibility, innovation, as well as human goodness and inventiveness,” he went on to say in his statement.

Jordan Schachtel, an investigative journalist, made the observation that Schwab’s words about “overcoming negative critical and combative attitudes” and “mastering the future” is the globalist entity’s method of attempting to play defense against the mounting critiques of its plan.

It is clear that Schwab and others are concerned that far too much-contradicting talk is actually occurring in today’s political climate, particularly on media platforms such as Twitter, which have evolved into the new digital public venue. This is shown by the heavy drive to silence freedom of speech in order to combat “disinformation campaigns.”

As reported by The Globe and Mail, a pro-globalist newspaper in Canada, it was Schwab’s previous words about “own nothing and be happy” that first “sparked a disinformation campaign” about the WEF.

Robert Kennedy Jr., another opponent of the WEF, made the observation that the WEF’s annual gathering is similar to an “annual pilgrimage” that prominent globalist elite take as an homage to Schwab, and Gates, as well as other billionaires through whom they receive their “marching orders.”

“Strangely, it appears that they have created every crisis that they are now stating they need to remedy… “‘ climate change,’ phony ‘pandemics,’ ‘disruptions’ in the distribution chain, ‘energy crises,’ ‘cost of living crises,’ ‘interruptions’ to traveling, war and violence, and the list just go on and on,” said one critical commentator who was participating in the chat.

“And of course, nobody is better at spreading “misinformation” than they are. First, you come up with the problem and then you come up with the ostensible remedy.

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