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The Biden administration gave a $200 million grant to a Chinese battery maker

Chinese battery maker

The United States Department of Energy (DoE), currently led by Joe Biden in his role as “fake president,” is crowing about the latest grant of $200 million that was awarded to a lithium battery firm called Microvast. According to the DoE, the grant will assist in the development of domestic sources of green power.

The issue is that “essentially” all of Microvast’s operations are carried out in Communist China.

The majority of Microvast’s operations are carried out under the world’s most repressive dictatorship, despite the company’s claim that it is headquartered in Texas. When the “bipartisan,” taxpayer-funded cash payment was being touted by the Biden administration as a potential benefit for the growth of domestic “green” energy sources, the Biden administration carefully omitted to highlight this fact.

Department of Energy Jennifer Granholm made the assertion in Oct when the Infra Law funds were first announced, that all such reimbursements were for things that were “produced in the United States of America.” According to the new information that has come to light, this was undeniably a fabrication.

Granholm was reading from a script when she made the following statement: “This is really a fantastic moment for manufacturers in America, as Prez Biden’s agenda and unprecedented investment ignite the private industry to guarantee that our clean renewable energy future is built in the United States.”

Meeting the growing demand for electric cars and accelerating the shift from fossil fuels can be accomplished by producing innovative batteries & components here in the United States. This will also create more jobs throughout the nation that pay a high wage.

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