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Parents Demanded an Unvaccinated Blood Transfusion

Unvaccinated Blood Transfusion

The condition of Will Savage-Reeves, the infant boy from New Zealand whose parents demanded an unvaccinated blood transfusion as part of a crucial operation he requires, has unfortunately taken a turn for the worse, as we are saddened to hear. Will Savage-Reeves is in need of a major operation.

It has been reported that a state judge has agreed with health professionals who are insisting that baby Will have a transfusion of “vaccinated blood” against the objections of his parents. This would go against the intentions of Will’s parents. The same court has given New Zealand’s health system, identified as Te Whatu Ora, complete responsibility over infant Will in the form of guardianship.

This implies that baby Will is going to get the operation no matter what blood Starship Children’s Health Hospital decides to give him, even if the blood is polluted with (mRNA), spike protein, as well as other chemicals.

According to one source, the process of obtaining guardianship of a kid “takes away the parents’ power to make choices about their child’s life,” which explains how the procedure works.

The judge’s decision to rule against baby Will’s parents were made quickly, and the change of custody action that was brought before the Auckland Top Court cites its Care of Children Act as a precedent for the judgment. (Related: “SafeBlood Donation” Uncontaminated Blood for Transfusion)

They had earlier said, during an interaction with Liz Gunn, a journalist from New Zealand, said baby Will required surgery “very quickly” for severe pulmonary valve stenosis. However, they have now indicated that the infant “is not scheduled for his procedure.”

Baby Will’s father, Cole, said that his son’s health has remained unchanged.

“We are not going to risk the life of our child in order to start a political and any other kind of movement. We want our child to have surgery, and we want him to have the absolute best of what is now available for his procedure, as well as for his future & his rehabilitation.

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