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The Biden administration is promoting the “digital dollar” as a means to take private property and exert more social control

Since the Democratic Party is fundamentally Marxist and counterrevolutionary, it is fair to assume that their ultimate goal with every proposal is to exert even more control over the American people.

So, any Americans, regardless of party affiliation, should fight against the Biden regime’s “digital dollar” initiative.

Many people in the United States voted against Barack Obama and the Democratic majority since they do not want a wasteful, bloated, and dictatorial federal system to make choices about their healthcare. Considering their objections to U.S. Supreme Court’s decision earlier this year to reverse Roe v. Wade — not to criminalize abortion, but to leave the matter to the states where it ought to have remained — that stance now appears bizarre.

The authoritarian left’s quest for “Obamacare” was motivated by a simple fact: they were aware that each and every American, at some time in their life, would need medical attention. If the government were able to seize full control of the industry, officials would have the authority to decide our very lives and deaths. That is something nobody wants to see happen.

Regardless, enough people were against “Obamacare” for it to pass into law, so now we have a costly new welfare program for our citizens: subsidized insurance for such a smaller number of people, which is still managed by government bureaucrats. But Obamacare was only the beginning; Democrats are already plotting ways to undermine private healthcare by pursuing different regulatory plans to impose additional requirements on providers and insurers.

The dictatorship now seeks financial control over its subjects, a key component of every authoritarian system.

Just as the government is already responsible for creating and printing our money, a “white paper” released also on the White House webpage argues for the construction of a “digital dollar” that will of course be run by the government (real dollars). But if all money became digitized, the governments could (and likely would) keep tabs on our finances, restrict our ability to buy “unfavored” goods, and limit the total amount we might spend for the sake of the “greater good.”

“A CBDC issued by the Federal Reserve would be the digital version of the dollar. This White House policy document extols the “benefits” of the digital dollar but admits that the country has not yet determined whether or not to pursue a CBDC.

Possible gains from the United States pursuing a CBDC include easing the burden of high transaction costs, expanding access to credit, stimulating the economy, and ensuring America’s ongoing leadership role in the global financial system. The study goes on to say that a U.S. CBDC might pose a number of dangers, including to the financial system’s security and the privacy of users’ personal information.

President Biden stressed the need to utilize technology “to develop democracies to bring people up, not to pull them down” during last year’s Summit for Democracy. The authors argued that the United States established its own CBDC would help forward this democratic ideal.

Democrats, once again, never mean what they say. They claim to support “democracy,” but in reality they strive every day to thwart it via measures like gun control, Supreme Court packing, removing the filibuster, and other reforms designed to ensure that their candidates win every election.

The use of digital currency is part of a larger, ongoing effort to strip Americans of their freedom and independence. It is foolish to provide the federal government any greater power over our daily activities.

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