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Do you remember when adrenochrome was only a “conspiracy theory?” “Youth transplants” are no longer a speculative theory but a proven medical practice

For a number of years, many referred to it as an outlandish conspiracy theory. However, the theory that “elitists” are draining the blood and essence of life from young people in order to prolong their own lives has recently been shown to be correct.

Since it was revealed in The Telegraph that so-called “youth transplants” could help reverse this aging process, the idea that there are blood-sucking parasites dwelling among us has all of a sudden become more real than it ever has been.

Of course, they are marketing it in a way that makes it sound harmless by referring to it as an “anti-aging” procedure that draws from the “fountain of youth.” The truth of the matter is, however, these youth transplants are very much like the adrenochrome controversy that surfaced during the years that Trump was in office.

According to an article that was published in The Daily Bell by Ben Bartee, “‘Youth transplants’ is just a euphemism for draining out the critical fluids of newborn / kid ‘donors’ and infusing them into older receivers.”

According to an article published in The Telegraph, “nobody is recommending we pump the physiological fluids of children into our old.” But the fact of the matter is that precisely this is what is being suggested now.

Biotech businesspeople are already making a profit off of the blood of teenagers.

As is customary for them, The Telegraph as well as other media sources are acting as if this is some recent revelation that is still being looked into. The manner in which they are commenting on this gives the impression that this is some kind of sci-fi-related phenomenon.

When they eventually revealed chemtrails, known colloquially as geoengineering, decades after the practice had already been going on, they employed a tone that was very similar to the one we witnessed. When they did finally get around to letting the cat out of the bag, they acted as though the event had not been taking place at all but was about to start happening soon.

In both instances, the media conveys these upsetting truths in a manner that minimizes their impact. The extraction of youth essence is considered “anti-aging,” and we are informed that geoengineering will save the earth from the effects of global warming.

These sins are almost usually sold to the populace under the guise of being a solution to some problem that needs to be fixed. That’s how they convince the public to accept things that the vast majority of people would normally condemn as being harmful to society.

According to Bartee, in 2019, a company located in the United States named Ambrosia – which has a name that is scary in and of itself considering the purpose of its business – began selling juvenile blood plasma to billionaires in Silicon Valley for the price of $8,000 per liter.

The subject of where Ambrosia got its adolescent blood plasma was never solved, and the firm eventually had to go out of business because it was compelled to temporarily close its doors.

Is it possible that it came from the “rich offspring of DC elites, or some impoverished farmer’s kid in a Guatemalan community, or the streets of Compton, or some Appalachian township?” Bartee asks.

It has come to light that the (FDA) of the United States sent a cautionary note to Ambrosia at the time regarding the product’s level of safety. The proprietor of the firm stated that “our patients genuinely want the therapy,” which is the reason why the company was only shuttered for a very brief period of time.

“The mega-rich could even disrespect The Science when they really want’ to extract the blood of global poor, and even though you can’t if you’re extremely skeptical of unconventional COVID-19 mRNA ‘gene therapies’ marketed as vaccines,” Bartee notes further about the dishonesty of the system. “The Science” is a registered trademark of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Another biomedical startup company situated in Silicon Valley called Alkahest provides items that are comparable to youth transplants. The participation of Bill Gates, a millionaire, and eugenicist, in all of these different projects, should not come as any kind of surprise at all.

“Gates, the prototypical robber baron monopoly guy in a quasi-Mr. Rogers getup, likes nothing more than dominating the market on a lucrative new biomedical product,” says Bartee. “Gates is an individual who enjoys nothing more than dominating the marketplace on a highly valuable biomedical commodity.”

Therefore, why now? Why is the media now exposing the facts about youth transplants despite the fact that it is controlled by corporations? It’s possible that civilization has progressed to the point where things like this will no longer surprise the typical individual because that person has been completely accustomed to every sort of evil that permeates the West.

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