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Holding Pharma Giants Pfizer and Moderna Accountable

fizer and Moderna Accountable

Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida gave an indication of his intentions to hold pharma giants Pfizer & Moderna accountable and responsible for making fraudulent promises about their covid “vaccines” when speaking at a private conference of the Republicans of Fl (RPOF) over the weekend.

DeSantis has said that he intends, with the assistance of Florida’s Surgeon General Joseph A. Ladapo, “to hold these manufacturers Accountable for this mRNA [injection] because they claimed there were no adverse effects yet we know that there have been a number of them.”

“We conducted research in Florida, and the results showed that those aged 18 to 39 who received mRNA injections saw an increase in cardiac-related issues that was 86% higher than before. As a result, we are going to undertake certain things to bring responsibility there. (In a related matter, DeSantis is of the opinion that kids should not be vaccinated against cholera, but that adults should be allowed to obtain the vaccine without any problems.) Personal choice, NOT forced or coursed.

In the event that vaccine product lines were dishonestly produced – that appears to be the case for both Pfizer as well as Moderna’s respective messenger RNA injections – the companies that produce vaccines that are given under such an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) are protected from liability for injuries and deaths that occur as a result of using those vaccines. However, this immunity is removed in the event that the EUA was violated.

A lawsuit was filed against Pfizer by a whistleblower named Brook Jackson. Jackson worked for Vestavia Research Organization, which was responsible for conducting Pfizer’s phase III clinical study in the state of Texas. Jackson’s lawsuit alleges that Pfizer is responsible for not just fraud and also abuse as well as violations of protocol.

Ed Dowd, a former manager at BlackRock, is now gathering information that supports both Jackson’s assertions and DeSantis’ investigation of both Pfizer & Moderna for their alleged involvement in fraudulent activity. Since the beginning of Operation Warp Speed, the number of non-covid fatalities among working-age individuals in the United States between the ages of 18 and 64 has soared. Dowd and a large number of other people think that these deaths are connected to the injections.

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