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What we have witnessed over the past few decades is the beginnings of a technocratic state or ideology, which is the belief that the hick-ups of societal structure, the belief that the particle emitters of fear and worry in a society—such as terrorist attacks, global warming, or the Coronavirus—that they should be governed, or that we should battle these objects of anxiousness by controlling them a certain way.

According to Desmet, individuals in power believed that it was preferable for those with the technical expertise in viruses to make policy, rather than democratically elected politicians. This was the case with the pandemic.

“I think that the technological system is the final result of this rational ideology that arose from the beginning of the legacy of enlightenment,” he continued. “I believe that the techno system is the eventual outcome of this rationalist ideology.”

This rationalist approach to understanding life has its limitations, and Desmet is of the opinion that in order to build a society that is both peaceful and free, people need to center their attention on ethical principles or even the principles of humanity.

If you follow proper understanding and you are not humble or honest enough to acknowledge that at a certain point in time, there’s a limit that one’s rational comprehension, your logical brain will never be capable of grasping the essence of the phenomenon that you’re studying, then you will lapse into complete drastic and absurd irrationality.

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