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A Staggering Disputed Document Suggests the US Was Responsible for the War and Energy Crisis in Europe

The RAND Corporation is a think tank that is tied to the United States Department of Defense. A Swedish news agency has disclosed that a document signed by the RAND Corporation describes a plan for “Weakening Germany, strengthening the United States.” According to what it states, there is an “urgent need” for an injection of money from outside sources in order to support the American economy, “, particularly the financial sector.”

One of the most important goals is to break apart the partnership between Germany and Russia, which is considered the alliance that poses the most significant economic and political risk to the United States.

They devised a scheme to start a war not just in Russia but also throughout Europe, with the main objective of destroying the German economy. Green parties throughout Europe fell prey to American spies’ cunning manipulations and were complicit in the ensnarement.

The advantages of US-based enterprises having fewer competitors on the global market, logistical advantages, and the outflow of money from Europe would all be beneficial to the economy of the United States, which would result in a gain of between $7 and $9 trillion dollars. The Rand Corporation has expressed their disagreement with the attribution of the study to them.

Other than saying that the information is “bizarre” and that the document is “fabricated,” there are no remarks made indicating which sections of the report are fraudulent and which are real.

The declared mission of the think tank that is a part of the RAND Corporation is “enhancing policies and decision-making via research and analysis.” The think tank has a massive workforce of 1,850 individuals and a budget of $350 million. Its primary connection is with the Department of Defense of the United States of America, and it is notorious for the fact that it played a significant role in the formulation of military and other policies during the time of the Cold War.

In a document bearing the signature of RAND and bearing the opening heading “Weakening Germany, strengthening the U.S.,” it is suggested that there is an “urgent need” for an influx of resources from outside sources in order to maintain not only the general economy of the United States but “especially the banking system.”

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