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Corporate Propaganda Machine in the West is Rejoicing

The corporate propaganda machine in the West is rejoicing over the deaths of three individuals that died last evening on the Kerch Bridge in an incident that might be defined as a suicide bombing.

According to Reuters, “Russia took Crimea from Ukraine in 2014, and four years later, President Vladimir Putin unveiled the 19-kilometer (12-mile) bridge connecting it to Russia’s transport network with much fanfare.”

A language that is intentionally deceptive or deflective is a favorite tool of propagandists. Take, for example, the word “seized” that was used in the above phrase.

The ignorant, who make up the majority of the American population, are led to believe that Russia violently “seized” (take over, conquer, and subjugate seem to be related words) this same Crimean Peninsula, which is described as being an integral part of Ukraine for all time. Trained propagandists, also known as establishment journalists, are responsible for this deception.

In point of fact, a majority of people of Russian ethnicity who live there have been making efforts, for some time now, to put some space among themselves and the adherents of neo-Nazism in Kyiv. After Victoria Nuland and her group of saboteurs ousted the elected government and established a government with neo-Nazi influences, it was also dubbed the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.

If we are to start believing the pathological liars in the US Government and their military conflict media propaganda, Crimea was “seized” from people who wanted to stay a part of such a coup regime or kleptocracy which hates them or thinks nothing about trying to burn them to death. This is if we are to trust this same pathological liar in the US Government.

The majority of Americans have a very limited understanding of Crimea. Both the people and the culture of Crimea have been mostly Russian since the late 1700s or the reign of Catherine the Great.

During the time when Nikita Khrushchev was in power, the administration of the peninsula was handed up to Ukraine. He spent his working life in the Donbas region, which is next to Ukraine, where he was born.

However, according to the fake upholders of “democracy” at the United Nations, it does not matter that over 90percent of the folks in Crimea no longer intend to be associated with Kyiv-Ukraine, which is now effectively Ukronaziland and will soon be a landlocked rump state thanks to Vicky Nuland & her neo-Nazi co-conspirators. This is because the United Nations does not recognize Crimea as part of Ukraine.

The will of the public is unimportant for the United Nations, NATO, and the United States Government; the only acceptable mandates are the warped “rule of law” directives handed down condescendingly by a mega-state. It is expected of the ethnic Russians who have lived in Crimea for decades that they would follow the authoritarians who are supported by the UN, EU, and NATO and will let cruel neo-Nazis abuse, torture, and murder them.

This is how mob rule, which is more politely known as the democratic will of the people, operates: 50.0001% of the population has the ability to demand, at the point of a pistol or a drone, what the “losers” do, say, or think. In principle, it should work out just like that. In point of fact, the governing class in the United States influences the attitudes and feelings of a large number of individuals by using propaganda and several other means of manipulation (including shocking false flag operations).

According to recent reports, the Ukrainian intelligence agency was responsible for blowing a hole in the 19-km bridge that links Crimea and Russia over the Kerch Strait. The bridge is still usable, particularly for the train that uses it, and repairs will be made in a short amount of time. According to reports, a suicide bomber was the one who transported the explosives. There is a proliferation of sensationalistic films of the explosion on the websites of corporate media outlets.

Because the bridge was not disabled as a result of this event, Zelenskyy & his neo-Nazi allies almost certainly saw it as a significant win in the realm of propaganda. Perhaps it’s in retaliation for the miscreants in Kyiv who were saluting the Nazi flag. In preparations for the planned neo-Nazi takeover of the peninsula, Russian armaments and soldiers will start to be transferred into Crimea via the bridge in the coming days. This assault will most likely get aid from NATO, this same Pentagon, and also the CIA.

In order for Russia to put an end to the bloodthirsty insanity of Vicky Nuland’s set-up of Nazi ultranationalists or their sworn purpose to kill and torture all Russians (in relation to others deemed sub-human, including Jews, for example, Nuland herself, who is of Ukrainian Jewish ancestry), Russia will need to get serious throughout Ukraine. Nuland’s setup of Nazi ultranationalists and about there sworn mission to kill and torture those Russians is To accomplish this goal, at the at least, it will be necessary to destroy all of the bridges here on Dnieper River, such as the historic Darnytskyi bridges at Kyiv.

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