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Is Supporting Donald Trump a Lottery Win or the Kiss of Death?

Is getting Trump’s endorsement the equivalent of winning the lottery or the kiss of death?

The former president Trump went on the campaign trail for Republican candidates all around the nation, with varied outcomes so far.

Is there a decline in Donald Trump’s clout within his party?

The Republican primary election in Indiana required voters to pick amongst two candidates who are currently serving in Congress.

U.S. representative Mary Miller, who’d been trying to persuade supporters that she is a lot more of a pro-Trumper than her opponent, received the support of Donal Trump, who threw his weight behind her campaign. Late in June, she handily defeated her opponent, Representative Rodney Davis.

The prediction that Republican politicians will take control of Congress away from the Dem Party in Nov comes from Representative Davis, who told interviewer Chris Wick from Real News Cast that Trump’s popularity is still strong throughout the country.

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