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Schools in North Jersey Reintroduced Mask Requirement

NJ Reintroduced Mask Requirement

In an effort to protect students from the Wuhan coronavirus, schools in north Jersey have reintroduced their mask requirement.

The statement was made by Passaic Public Schools (PPS), and it was done so via a letter that was written by Superintendent Sandra Diodonet. PPS is responsible for the education of around 14,000 children which is spread among 17 schools located in Passaic County, New Jersey.

The letter from Diodonet said that beginning on December 21, 2022, all district staff, students in pre-K through grade 12, and visitors would be compelled to wear facial coverings when in district buildings, on school grounds, and on district buses. The masking requirement will be abolished in Passaic County when the air quality falls into the moderate zone.

In accordance with recommendations made public by the New Jersey State Department of Health, the Superintendent has said that mask requirements would be enforced “during times of a higher activity level” (NJDOH). She went on to say that they will keep an eye on the New Jersey Department of Health COVID-19 Activity Level Reports for the most up-to-date information.

The reintroduction of mask requirements at PPS has been criticized by a significant number of community members. One of them was the former Democratic congressional candidate Maud Maron. She ran under the banner of the Maron Family.

She responded to PPS’ tweet with, “This is anti-science, anti-child, and just plain cruel,” which she posted on Twitter. “It is a disgrace that so-called educators would limit the learning, sociability, and pleasure that children are capable of experiencing just because they have the power to do so.”

The (PDE) organization, which is opposed to COVID-19 standards for schools as well as the teaching of critical race theory in classrooms, was another group that protested the judgment.

“Over the course of two years, parents were able to see the negative repercussions that wearing masks had on the lives of their children. “[These] included generalized anxiety surrounding crowds and closeness to people, as well as trouble developing connections with individuals due to an inability to interpret facial emotions,” the study stated in a statement. “[These] included facial expression reading difficulties.” PDE also cited “the effect on scholastic success, including as language and reading comprehension impairments” that resulted from mask requirements being placed on children. These problems were brought about by the children being forced to wear face masks.

Families are still coping with the aftermath of these policies, and they will continue to do so for many years to come. It defies sense for [school] districts all across the nation to once again act unilaterally and force mask regulations on students who are already enduring significant discomfort. Different households have varying degrees of comfort with taking risks, and if any parent has the inclination to have their kids wear masks, they should be allowed to do so, but doing so should in no way be required.

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