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Biden Demands Favorable Media Coverage as Approval Ratings Plummet: Is the Press to Blame for His Economic Woes?

US President Joe Biden paused on his way to his Christmas holiday vacation to demand more favorable media coverage of the nation’s economy amid his slumping approval ratings in the polls.

Before departing for Camp David, the president took a moment to engage with journalists outside the White House. When asked about his thoughts on the future state of the American economy in 2024, Biden expressed optimism and encouraged accurate reporting on the matter.

Despite statistical reports indicating low unemployment and slowing inflation, the president has frequently voiced his frustrations over media coverage and voters’ negative assessments of his economic policies. During an October press briefing at the White House, he expressed dissatisfaction with how the media’s negative tone has influenced public perceptions of the US economy.

Biden is holding the press responsible for his poor poll numbers. However, a recent survey conducted by Monmouth University revealed that only 28% of Americans think that Biden is adequately addressing inflation, and just 12% notice an improvement in their personal financial situation. His overall approval rating has declined to 34%, a drop of ten percentage points over the last five months and the lowest since assuming office in January 2021. Another poll conducted by the Wall Street Journal earlier this month indicated that only 23% of US adults believe that Biden’s presidential policies have been beneficial for them, while 53% believe they have been detrimental.

Monmouth polling director Patrick Murray warned that Biden may alienate even more voters heading into the 2024 presidential election by emphasizing improvements in economic statistics at a time when most Americans are still suffering from post-pandemic inflation.

“There is a political danger in pushing a message that basically tells people there take on their own situation is wrong,” Murray said.

Biden’s approval rating drops to all-time low
The top-polling Republican candidate, former President Donald Trump, leads Biden by six percentage points in the 2024 race, according to the WSJ survey. A New York Times poll showed that Trump is favored over Biden by four to 11 percentage points in the five key “swing states” that are expected to decide the election.

Critics of Biden have ridiculed his grievances regarding media treatment, claiming that established media organizations have aimed to shield him while relentlessly criticizing Trump. Journalist Glenn Greenwald, who operates independently, highlighted that the Democratic National Committee effortlessly compiled pro-Biden advertisements using footage from NBC, CNN, and MSNBC, as these networks are considered “advocacy platforms,” and their staff members function as propagandists for the DNC.

According to a recent Rasmussen Reports survey, approximately 60% of American voters think that media bias has worsened in recent months, reaching an all-time high. The majority of these individuals believe that the media shows favoritism towards Biden. Out of the respondents, 51% feel that the press is not giving enough coverage to scandals related to Biden’s son, while only 24% think that it is being excessively focused on.

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