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Cardiologists are Spreading the Word

Cardiologists are speeking out

Because the risk of developing cardiac problems increases with the number of doses of mRNA coronavirus vaccination that a person receives, two cardiologists are spreading the word that patients should stop taking the shots.

The Epoch Times says that Dr. Aseem Malhotra, as well as Dr. Peter McCullough, have said that vaccines have resulted in more harm than good as well as that a large number of individuals who have taken the zingers have suffered from ongoing health problems, particularly with their hearts. Both of these doctors believe that the vaccines have been more harmful than beneficial. As a consequence of this, vaccinations cannot continue to be distributed, and the sooner this is done, the better.

They also highlighted statistics from the CDC’s V-Safe program, which discovered that one-quarter of individuals who received an mRNA vaccination were unable to function the following day, with around 8% of them requiring medical treatment in an emergency department or being required to be hospitalized.

In a recent interview that McCullough gave to Malhotra for the show “American Thought Leaders” on EpochTV, McCullough said, “This is the most hazardous vaccination by the CDC statistics that we’ve seen in clinical care.” Malhotra conducted the interview.

In addition to holding the position of chief scientific strategist of The Wellness Company, McCullough is also recognized as one of the country’s most prolific cardiologists in terms of publication output. According to him, it is quite probable that 8% of people who sought medical attention had already been infected with COVID-19 before they received their immunization.

I believe that all cardiac conditions have worsened as a result of the vaccine, but also all of the things that could go wrong with the heart had already gone wrong with a heart as a result of that kind of mRNA vaccine, said Malhotra, who has published a great deal concerning how to reverse cardiovascular disease by making changes to one’s lifestyle. Malhotra is an expert on the topic of how to change one’s lifestyle in order to prevent or treat heart disease.

According to McCullough, the portion of viruses that is responsible for the damage to the heart is referred to as the spike protein.

In addition, The Epoch Times stated:

According to medical professionals, myocarditis is among the most common injuries that can be caused when the patient receives a strong dose of spike protein with the shot. Because of this, the claim made by the mainstream medical world, which states that the danger of myocarditis is higher without the vaccine, is untrue.

According to Malhotra, there is no proof to back up the assertion made by the pharmaceutical industry that a minor infection with COVID-19 or even the omicron version is causing sudden mortality. This claim has been made despite the fact that there is no evidence to support this claim.

There is a risk for typical cardiovascular risk because of this major inflammatory incident that the body is getting with COVID respiratory disease, but there is a small minimal risk of myocarditis of COVID, the respiratory infection. This is probably because the body doesn’t get this huge exposure to the spike protein as it does with the inoculations, said McCullough. However, there is a risk for traditional cardiac disease because of this major inflammatory incident that the body gets from COVID respiratory problems.

Malhotra believes that people shouldn’t be distracted by the false narrative that mild COVID could be causing a big increase in cardiac arrests, and he added that he thinks there would have been much less harm to the general populace if the mRNA vaccines hadn’t been used. Malhotra said that he believes people shouldn’t be distracted by the fake story that mild COVID may be starting to cause a massive surge in myocardial infarctions.

According to him, the use of these vaccinations has had a significant and detrimental effect not only on society but also on people’s health, and of course, everything that has occurred in connection with it has harmed people’s belief in medicine. It was very unethical to recommend vaccination to persons who already had a healthy level of resistance to the disease.

Additionally, McCullough provided evidence that the manner in which the vaccination trials were carried out was not just problematic but also inaccurate. He mentioned that when the major pharmaceutical companies as well as the Food and Drug Administration have been registering folks for the trials, they turned down anyone who had been infected with the virus as well as women who were pregnant or who had the potential to become pregnant. He said that this was done to protect the participants.

“When we have exclusion criteria throughout clinical studies, the exclusions must be justified,” he said. “The rationale to rationalize the exclusion was, those who did not have an opportunity for benefit, and they had an opportunity for harm.” “When we have criteria in clinical trials, these same exclusions must be justified.”

The medical professionals also reported that the outbreak is ended, thus there is no longer any need to maintain any emergency procedures related to it.

Malhotra said that we are now struggling with a cold. The people have a right to know the truth. It is time for us to quit frightening other people.

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