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She’s Out of Control – She’s Corrupt

She’s Out of Control – Judge Amy Berman Jackson, She’s Corrupt, who hounded, tormented, and linked Roger Stone as well as Paul Manafort to Donald Trump, and did the reverse when it came to the Clintons. It’s possible that this will return to haunt the Biden presidency in the future.

She subjected Paul Manafort to a type of torment by placing him in preventive detention for pretty trivial tax issues and FARA violations. Tax problems are often resolved by the payment of a fine, and cases involving FARA forms that were not completed have never been brought before a court. However, Judge Jackson exploited this against Manafort in order to torture him while he was behind bars.

She’s Out of Control

Following her abuse of Paul Manafort, Justice Amy Berman Jackson turned her attention to Roger Stone & continued her mock court hearings against him. We have written quite a bit on this subject. Apparently, Tucker Carlson was able to notice the dishonest behavior of Judge Jackson.

However, Judge Jackson doesn’t always behave in this manner. She was able to catch Judge Jackson’s decision in a case brought against the Clintons, during which the judge decided very favorably for the Clintons. Nevertheless, because of this, the raid that the FBI conducted at Mar-a-Lago should now be considered a criminal investigation.

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