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Russian commanders who organized the invasion of Ukraine

Russian commanders

It is highly possible that the Russian commanders who organized the invasion of Ukraine informed Russian President Vladimir Putin that the operation would be fairly simple and reasonably painless.

In other words, there wouldn’t be a lot of losses and the Russian troops would get where they needed to go quite fast.

After 10 months have passed, it is abundantly clear how far off base the generals were in their assessment. Not only has Russia been unable to achieve the majority of its goals, and though Ukrainian forces have also proven to be significantly more resilient than estimated. Additionally, as a result of an influx of weapons from the West, largely from the United States, Russian forces are in disarray and have been driven out of areas that they initially captured.

But Moscow’s military calamities could be about to start changing, and shortly: As the snow comes in and the soil in Ukraine does become hard and frozen, it appears as though Moscow is priming its army for a massive attack that is reportedly going to include 2 of NATO’s newest members, Finland as well as Sweden. This would be a change from Moscow’s recent history of military misfortunes.

According to a story in the Daily Mail in the UK:

The Ukrainian crisis has been substantially increased once again by Vladimir Putin, who is attempting to reverse the course of his failed campaign by increasing his nuclear fighting capability and reinforcing his forces by 350 thousand, which has raised worries of a worldwide battle.

The dictator who foments war has warned that the Kremlin would spend whatever is required to strengthen its nuclear arsenal, and he has pledged that his much-touted Zircon hypersonic ballistic missiles will be ready for his soldiers within the next few weeks.

There will be the formation of new military forces on Russia’s western frontiers in order to threaten, intimidate, and reprimand the countries of Sweden and Finland for their efforts to join NATO in response to Kremlin aggression.

After several weeks of respectable gains through Ukrainian forces or a visit to the U. S. by Ukrainian President Zelenskyy to beg for more weapons, West civilian or military leaders should take a pause in light of the significant buildup of forces, which means that war will also be escalating. Both of these developments should send pauses through the ranks of European civilian as well as military leaders.

Given that the Zircon rockets are capable of traveling across continents and that they can be armed with nuclear warheads, the possibility of a nuclear battle has now been significantly increased as well. Oh, and none of the missile defenses that are now deployed in the United States or elsewhere in the West are capable of stopping them.

In point of fact, if Putin were to deploy a nuclear weapon anywhere in Europe, it would bring NATO into battle, and once again, fighting would rage throughout the continent. This would provide China with the chance it needs to advance on Taiwan or perhaps Japan.

Last week, the Newspaper Reported that during Putin’s speech to security chiefs in Moscow, the Russian leader “made a series of infrequent and candid concessions about his bungled invasion, confessing there were ‘problems’ with his mobilization or acknowledging vague ‘criticism’ of his military strategy.” The Daily Mail said that Putin’s admissions were “rare” and “frank.” But in order to turn his fortunes around, the president has said that he would spend “whatever it takes” on the military, that he will “enhance the battle readiness of the nuclear triad,” and that he will expand his troop strength to 1.5 million.

Putin also stated that his military should take a great many insights from their experiences in Kyiv in order to update the force going ahead. He said this while referring to the events that took place in Ukraine. In the interim, though, Putin has said that he would devote a great deal of focus to the enhancement and modernization of nuclear weapons since, as he put it, they are “the fundamental guarantor of Russia’s sovereignty.”

Long-serving Minister Of defense Sergei Shoigu, who, truth be told, should be shouldering the lion’s portion of the responsibility for the such poor performance of Russian troops, stated that the extra manpower would’ve been utilized to form new military units throughout western Russia, opposite of where NATO and Ukraine are located. Shoigu’s statement was made in response to a question about how the poor performance of Russian troops would be addressed. He also gave the impression that the Russian top brass is getting ready for the next chapter of the conflict that has been going on in Ukraine for the last ten months.

We are not limited in any way by our finances. “The nation and the authorities are supplying all that the army asks for,” Putin said, despite accusations that Russian troops are ill-equipped and deficient in basic supplies and, frequently, ammunition. “The country and indeed the authorities are giving everything that the military asks for.”

In spite of such reports, the potential use of nuclear weapons is probably what keeps Allied officers up at night worrying about the situation. It’s possible that the moment has come to give up on Ukraine.

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