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What they are doing to Chickens Today – People Tomorrow

Chickens Today -

What they are doing to chickens today, they will also do to people tomorrow if they get their way.

The most important lesson to learn from all of this is the fact that what health officials are doing to hens now – mass culling as a result of a single virus — is what they will do to us in the future.

This is the reason why the new WHO pandemic agreement and the covid quarantine camps are being implemented.

After all, from the perspective of globalists, you and I are simply 2 more members of the human herd; in their view, we are on par with cattle or sheep in terms of our status.

They are using “outbreaks” as an excuse to murder scores of millions of animals, even those that have a natural immunity to the disease and could live on their own. Mass culling has historically been the go-to weapon for controlling the population of animals, so they are using it as a pretext to kill them.

However, one of the most significant distinctions in all of this is the fact that jabs are lethal bullets in humans.

Suffocation is a common method used for the mass slaughter of chickens during the culling process.

They switch off the ventilation fans, which results in the birds being suffocated and roasted to death while they are confined in their production prisons. Bird-producing farms do not go to the trouble of putting a “death shot” into each individual chicken.

On the other hand, it is possible to persuade humans, with the help of psychological manipulation and propaganda spread via the media, to line up and plead to be killed. How fortunate for those who want globalization!

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They don’t even need to collect them up by force or kill them in gulags anymore. They need just implement a pandemic, terrify the people with tales of how these viruses will take over, and offer mRNA injections as a remedy to the problem.

People are lining up in the billions to take part in assisted suicide by vaccination. Then the extinctions start to take place.

As of right now in the United States, we already have more than a million excess deaths since the Jabba push began. Excess mortality numbers from Ed Dowd, who is the author of the new book Cause Unknown (which is available at, reveal that approximately 2,460 excess deaths of Americans are taking place every single day.

That amounts to almost 900,000 Americans each and every year. It is not quite as spectacular as the slaughter of millions of birds in a single year, but on the other hand, chickens do not send letters to their representatives complaining about it. Few people pay attention when a large number of chickens are killed at once.

Ironically, very few people are aware of the fact that more than one million Americans were dying as a direct result of the immunizations. Furthermore, some individuals continue to convince themselves that fatalities are only occurring due to a deficiency of vaccines.

Do not fall into the trap of believing that as the number of fatalities in large numbers increases, everyone will come to their senses and recognize what is going on. People may be “brainwashed” into denying the possibility of mass death via the use of media propaganda & psychological operations, even if it is occurring to their own friends & members of their own families. Also, keep in mind that vaccine-related deaths do not result in the authorship of tweets.

The DEAD will NOT be unable to sound the alarm anymore.

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