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Attempting to Deliberately Push Russia into a Bigger Battle with NATO

Push Russia into a Bigger Battle with NATO

It may seem like the Biden dictatorship isn’t attempting to deliberately push Russia into a bigger battle with NATO, but appearances can be misleading. In reality, they are aiming to do just that.

Under the exterior, in the back rooms as well as dark passageways of the deep state, the military dictatorship has been actively planning all along to drag the United States and North Atlantic treaty organization into a major conflict with Russia.

They want to do this so that they can rationalize feeding hundreds of trillions of dollars more to the war machine, which provides payoffs in the form of campaign contributions as well as other perks.

As per The London Times, after well almost a year of conflict, Joe Biden’s handlers have instructed this same Pentagon to inform Ukraine’s corrupt politicians they are free to begin to conduct drone strikes inside Russian territory. This act is something that President Vladimir Putin will also no doubt define as a genuine threat to the homeland and will lead to massive retaliation, possibly even with nuclear weapons seeing as Russian forces aren’t having any more luck on the ground vs a half-baked rebel movement in Ukraine.

According to a report with a publication date of December 9th, it was said that the United States Department of Defense “had offered a tacit backing of Ukraine’s long-range assaults on targets within Russia following President Putin’s several missile strikes against Kyiv’s key infrastructure.”

The United States Department of Defense has updated its danger assessment of the conflict in Ukraine after the beginning of daily attacks on civilians in October. Importantly, this includes updated assessments of whether or not the transfer of armaments to Kyiv may potentially result in a military conflict between Russia & NATO, as the article said. Washington is now more likely to equip Kyiv with longer-range weaponry as a result of this big advance in the conflict that has been going on between Ukraine and Russia for the last nine months.

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