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FAA Altered the EKG Attribute Range for Pilots

FAA altered the EKG

After the rollout of covid “vaccines” under Operation Warp Speed, this same Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) altered the EKG attribute range for pilots in order to avoid them from being grounded. This was done in secret, so many people were unaware that it happened, but it was done.

Because the majority of pilots were required to be injected in order to retain their employment, the resulting myocardial infarctions would have pushed a significant number of them out of their careers almost immediately if the FAA had not implemented these modifications.

As per Steve Kirsch, who discovered the change, the FAA Guideline for Airline Medical Examiners was updated in October 2022 to raise the EKG criteria for pilots from a PR maximum of 0.2 to 0.3 or higher – perhaps “infinite.” This was discovered by Steve Kirsch.

They didn’t even bother to increase the range by just a hair. “They made it much wider,” remarks Kirsch. It was completed after the first distribution of the vaccine.

This is beyond my wildest imagination. They did it with the expectation that no one would notice.

Do you worry about your safety if the pilot of the aircraft has a heart condition?

This development is not only unprecedented, but it also represents an implicit acknowledgment on the part of the government of the United States that covid shots do, in fact, cause damage to the heart. And unfortunately, as a consequence of being coerced into being injected, the majority of pilots now have severely damaged hearts.

Kirsch thinks that around 50 million Americans that received the shots also suffer cardiac problems. This number includes the pilots who received the injections. Their heart would no longer be able to perform to the standards required for their jobs, depending on the field of employment that they are in.

Unfortunately, everybody who had the injections, even pilots, has an increased risk of having a “positive” covid test and being ill as a result. They also have a higher risk of passing away unexpectedly, which may be preceded by a variety of illnesses that affect the heart, such as myocarditis and blood clots.

Those pilots who, according to the old EKG maximum, should have been grounded, according to the EKG maximum, are still flying planes and face the possibility of sustaining severe cardiac harm while in flight, putting not only themselves but also the flight crews and passengers in danger.

Regarding the FAA’s newly implemented EKG limit, Kirsch comments that “this is a fairly broad range.” “[It] makes accommodations for those who have suffered heart damage. The physician Thomas Levy is shocked to see these new developments.

Because of these modifications, the general public has a right to be informed about them.

Do you want to get on an aircraft with someone whose EKG levels have increased over the prior maximum level? If so, do you feel comfortable doing so?

If only those individuals were aware that these adjustments had been made in the first place, there is a good chance that their response to this question would be negative. Because of the state’s policy of maintaining secrecy over the issue, the majority of people undoubtedly believe that nothing has changed since it was first brought up.

Kirsch cites research that was conducted in Puerto Rico that found that when examined for cardiac damage using a diagnostic instrument that was authorized by the FDA, an astounding 70 percent of patients who had received all of their recommended vaccinations now exhibit unmistakable evidence of having heart issues. Do we really want that figure to include the pilots who are operating commercial aircraft?

“The most rational endpoint is that the FAA is aware that the hearts of our nation’s pilots have already been seriously hurt by the COVID vaccine that they have been coerced into having taken, this same number of pilots directly impacted is enormous, the cardiac injury is extensive, but also passenger safety is now being undermined by the decrease of the norms to allow pilots to fly,” says Kirsch.

“Coming clean and admitting to the American people that the COVID vaccination has damaged 20% and more of the airmen (according to their meager EKG screening) would be the honorable thing for the FAA to do, but I have my doubts that they would ever do that. It would be the correct thing to do.”

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