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Are We Paranoid Conspiracy Theorists?

The World Filled With Paranoid Conspiracy Theorists

Many people in the world see those of us who are concerned with current events as paranoid conspiracy theorists.

Strangely enough, however, most of those who label us as conspiracy theorists are worried about real-world events themselves.

The issue is that they haven’t taken a step back and considered the bigger picture; they haven’t seen that the string of unfortunate events that have unfolded over the last several years has a common cause. Inflation, price hikes, and the new flu are all interconnected. So are the wars against Russia and the United States that weren’t really wars at all, the destruction of the world economy that wasn’t a mistake, and much more.

Partially because they’ve been preoccupied with immediate threats to their safety, partly because people find it hard to believe that someone could grasp the concept of a narrative as morally corrupt as the one that’s been currently underway for decades, partly because they’re nave, unquestioning, and also too ready to accept what they’re told by a totally corrupt establishment media, and partially because straight from the outset those of us who’ve to know better have been able to see the big picture.

Regarding the Great Reset, Sir Klaus Schwab, who was knighted by Elizabeth II for contributions to conspiracy, would rule the planet as the unelected monarch of a corrupt global government. Schwab, a villain plucked straight from the 1940s, a mix of Dr. Strangelove, Ernst Blofeld, & Dr. Mengele, will be joined by a motley crew of B-list criminals, plotters, and long-forgotten A-listers.

Little Fauci, Whitty, and yes, shabby little state employees, and Gates, a buddy of Jeffrey Epstein and indeed the BBC, are the kind of individuals who will take control of us if we’re not vigilant. (The BBC would almost certainly offer Epstein a talk show if he were still alive.) Co-Global Ministers Dolly Parton & Piers Morgan will be responsible for the charge of seeming to know everything while really knowing nothing. Charles, a 70-something guy who needs assistance opening his morning egg and loading his toothbrush with toothpaste, will be in command of entitlement, with William & Kate, a couple of Stepford spouses, serving as his subordinates. I have no doubt that the Duchess and Duke of California will be in charge of complaining and pouting, and that they will do an excellent job.

It would be similar to the Brazilian soccer team losing to a group of one-legged sailors with scurvy if we let them beat us.

Unfortunately, we are losing. Truth be told, the world is already being ruled by liars and collaborators.

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