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Quebec starts a “massive” campaign to get people vaccinated against COVID-19 before the fall

Premier François Legault announced on Tuesday that the government will start a “huge” vaccination campaign to prevent a new wave of COVID-19 that he predicts will occur after youngsters return to school and individuals spend more time indoors.

Health Minister Christian Dubé, with Public Health Directorate Dr. Luc Boileau, informed journalists in Québec that all adults in Québec would be able to schedule booster shot appointments by the end of the month.

“Fall is already here, that means going back, folks are home from holiday, there is more (social) engagement, more transmission, and so it’s a fantastic time to start a major program like we originally did,” Legault added.

The premier of Quebec said that anyone who has not had a COVID-19 booster within the past five months, or within the past three months if they have already been infected with the new coronavirus, can do so.

Dubé said anyone aged 18 and up can schedule a vaccination appointment. On Monday, the province of Quebec began providing COVID-19 vaccination to inhabitants of long-term care facilities and private seniors’ houses.

Dubé stated that 300,000 individuals per week can be vaccinated in Quebec, but he did concede that some Quebecers might not be eager to obtain a booster shot. The Health Department reports that just 56 percent of the older population aged five and up has gotten all three doses.

Due to widespread infection with SARS-CoV Type 19, as explained by Dubé. “As a result, many of them chose not to have a booster shot.”

On August 5, 2022, in Montreal, Kenza Kias gave Premier of Quebec François Legault a COVID-19 booster shot. FILE PHOTO: THE CANADIAN PRESS/Graham Hughes

Officials have stated that they have no plans to implement limitations despite the fresh vaccination programme and fears of a new wave. Boileau said that current school safety precautions are “adequate,” and he was against adding air purifiers to classrooms.

We’ve considered that possibility, but we’re not going to suggest it, he added. It’s possible to provide it if people demand it, but we’re not advocating for it.

On the other hand, the number of people hospitalized with COVID-19 dropped by 29 since Tuesday in Quebec. The Health Department reported 1,964 patients admitted to hospitals due to the sickness, with 50 requiring intensive care.

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