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Russia Planning to Exploit Winter as a Weapon of Mass Destruction

Exploit Winter as a Weapon of Mass Destruction

Zelensky has hurled the accusation that Russia is planning to exploit the next winter as a “weapon of mass destruction.”

This assertion was made by him on Tuesday, November 22, via the use of a video message that was presented at a gathering of the Organization of French Mayors.

“Now, on the brink of winter, people are confronting one of the worst risks since the commencement of all-out conflict,” said Zelensky. “This is one of the biggest challenges we have faced since the start of all-out war.” “The Kremlin has assigned the duty of continuing the assaults on energy infrastructure,” with the goal of “turning the coldness of wintertime into a weapon of mass destruction.”

As a direct reaction to attacks on people and non-military infrastructure carried out by Ukrainian saboteurs deep into Russian territory, the Russian armed forces have launched attacks against the energy infrastructure of Ukraine, namely power plants.

In a speech that the Ukrainian Party Leader Denys Shmyhal gave before the Ukrainian parliament, he mentioned that Russian airstrikes are aimed at the substations or networks that are responsible for transporting the electricity that is produced at power plants as well as other energy manufacturing facilities to homes and businesses in Ukraine.

“As a result of this,” he continued, “it is often hard to carry significant quantities of power to various locations or districts.” Maksym Timchenko, the Chief Executive Officer of DTEK, which is Ukraine’s biggest private investor in the energy business, provided backing for Shmyhal’s assertion.

According to Timchenko, “these strikes are not directed against generating facilities in order to hinder us from producing power. Rather, they are focused on connecting networks that are attached to the Ukrainian power system.” “I believe that the Russian military interacts with their power experts and that those power engineers explain how to wreak the greatest amount of damage to the electricity infrastructure.”

According to the (WHO), there are at least 10 million people in Ukraine who do not have access to electricity. This is almost a quarter of the population before the conflict. In addition, the government of Ukraine said that it has “70 maintenance teams and over 1,000 skilled professionals” working around the clock to carry out repairs wherever they are required.

Zelensky is using the cold to advocate for further assistance.

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