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Patriots’ anger and frustration at the attacks against Donald Trump are warranted

Patriots’ anger and frustration at the attacks against Donald Trump are warranted. It appears the Deep State is out to get him, and by extension, all of us. But one of their first objectives on the road to ultimate power is to force America First patriots to either fight in a civil war or denounce their ideology and join the establishment.

We have the ability to overcome this. I discussed five strategies for countering them on today’s episode of The JD Rucker Show that won’t lead to the kind of civil strife that our rulers fear.

It’s important to keep a few things in mind before I go into the specifics. A controlled civil war is a top priority for the ruling elite. They don’t want big militia groups attacking cities or holed up in impregnable compounds, but they do want bloodshed and acts of homegrown terrorism to take place to legitimize whatever crackdown they inflict against all of us.

Secondly, they plan to cause a rift in the United States. Separate the first batch of patriots into two camps. The first category includes people who are too afraid to speak up, so they will remain mute and complacent. They won’t put up much of a fight, so the globalist elites will let them live in their totalitarian society. Those of us who refuse to be compliant and who will not sit back in silence constitute the second category. Either our lives or our freedoms are in danger from them.

Donald Trump is likely to face criminal charges, which is the third factor to think about. They appear prepared to go to any lengths, including fabricating allegations and arresting the legitimate president, to push us over the edge. Imagine how horrible things will be if Trump is frog-marched.

We should not assume that our brother America First patriots are conscious of any of this, which brings us to our final point. Get the word out! As a movement, we will be quickly and thoroughly crushed if we allow emotions to dictate our actions. In terms of potential impact, today’s show might be the most significant one I’ve ever done. Instead of reacting rashly out of anger, we must think things out carefully before taking any action. Here then are five countermeasures we can take that won’t lead to a civil war.

A modification or outright false flag should be expected.
Over the weekend, officials issued alerts warning of impending domestic terrorist attacks. All of these threats were centered on “right-wing radicals” who were outraged by the Mar-a-Lago raid.

It’s possible that some people are making plans to strike. It’s true that some people choose to express their justified outrage through acts of violence, but as I stated, we’re all upset. False flags or provoked attacks, however, are a major source of worry for me. We have seen what the federal government is prepared to do in order to eliminate us. Their readiness to channel their rage into a conspiracy to “fednap” Gretchen Whitmer was on full display. Their well-documented attempts to transform the primarily peaceful protest on January 6 into an “insurrection” are generally known to have failed. It’s only the beginning, really. Can you think of anything else they’ve done to encourage crime?

The threat of a “dirty bomb” deployed near a federal building or even the FBI offices was the most alarming portion of their predictions. This was really strange, given that dirty bombs are notoriously difficult to manufacture. Their materials are just as hard to come by as those used to construct nuclear weapons, and they don’t even require the technical knowledge required to make one. Which is more likely: the federal government preparing for a false flag assault; a militant group reacting to Mar-a-Lago; or a potential indictment of Donald Trump for obtaining nuclear materials?

Additional rallies should be held in places where they may be widely publicized.
Rallies are seen as constructive, whereas protests are seen as disruptive. They may expect the same coverage from the media. We may feel compelled to demonstrate in front of state buildings, but rallies would be a more effective means of expressing our views.

There will be a larger turnout and less potential for violence. Even if it’s simply a different name, the results could be quite different. Rallies remain a viable outlet for expressing anger and displeasure. Better optics, larger turnouts, and less opportunity for the Deep State to receive the assaults they want at these rallies can be achieved by adopting the attitude that we are going out to back our president instead of to attack the Agents.

Make sure Republican presidential candidates and congressmen recognize this as THE subject. I can list on one hand the number of Republican officials who are fighting back for all of us. There are qualified candidates running for office, particularly at the municipal level, but we can’t be sure that their rhetoric will translate into actual policy changes after they’re elected.

All of this feels like a test to me. Good people could be among those who are already making plans to examine the FBI and other institutions if the Republican Party were to gain control of Congress. Potentially because even folks like Mitch McConnell appeared to go after Obamacare all the way till he got a president who would approve or disapprove a bill. Then we realized it was just rhetoric.

We’ll need to see if they’re prepared to take action, but they should be discussing it at the very least. This poses a threat to the very existence of the United States. A compromised or complicit Republican is one who isn’t outraged by the raid or the DOJ’s corruption. THESE are the problems they should be protesting now.

There are many who will argue that economic factors should take priority. In the grand scheme of things, I can’t say I disagree with you. The government can only do so much to improve the economy. It won’t prevent any further harmful policies from being implemented even if they win control of the House and/or Senate. Even if they send out a huge red wave, they won’t be able to stop the course we’re on; at best, they’ll just be able to slow us down. Time is of the essence, however, as it will be necessary to expose and perhaps even bring down the Deep State. With a large enough majority, they can do that. In order to expose corruption, they can arrange hearings. For this reason, it should be prioritized in the near term.

I could (and maybe someday should) write a book about the different versions of malfeasance committed by the Deep State overall and the FBI specifically; learning and sharing the FACTS about the raid would assist “normies” understand what happened. This dates back decades and isn’t anything new. However, the Obama regime’s treatment of the American people has worsened dramatically during the past few years. Instead of safeguarding the people, they act as though we are all the enemy.

It is up to you to conduct the study and teach your family and friends until my as-yet-unconfirmed book comes out. Many details of this raid and other recent Deep State acts have been ignored by corporate media. The FBI team responsible for the raid is the same team that was involved in the Russiagate investigation. Is it plausible to assume that it’s merely coincidental?

Now we’re venturing into uncharted waters. Each of us should get involved with existing local patriot groups or organize new ones. There is a widespread misconception that any time someone mentions a group of “patriots,” they necessarily imply a militia. For the record, militias are perfectly legitimate. However, some people may be wary of them due to the lingering stigma.

What’s needed are nonviolent organizations that can assist in planning demonstrations, filing legal actions, and informing as many individuals as possible about the Deep State’s activities. However, we need allies and friends at the local level, especially if the garbage begins hitting the fan, and this is always a challenge because most Americans First patriots are self-starters, and organizations are generally established around collectivist mindsets.

First and foremost,

Pray without ceasing. We can stop this corrupt powerhouse with God on our side. As long as we maintain composure and reason, we can effectively counter the Deep State’s efforts.

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