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The Hidden History of Al Qaeda Through False Flag Attacks

The calamity that has befallen the United States of America in the Middle East over the course of several decades—from the invasion, occupation, as well as eventual chaotic retreat out of Afghanistan to a criminal invasion of Iraq and also the rise of ISIS to a regime change processes in Libya & Syria—had been depicted as a “failure” of military strategy. This failure began with the invasion of Afghanistan, which was followed by the emergence of ISIS.

When everything is taken into account, however, it is clear that the war against terror was not a failure. In point of fact, the major military operation of the 21st century, was not even a war against terrorism at all since it was fought on false grounds against a faceless adversary. It was a war of terror, a pretext for the development of a worldwide security network in the guise of combating a boogie man that never existed, to begin with.

And according to this yardstick, the war on terror was effective beyond the wildest expectations of those who planned it…

What is a red herring or a False Flag exactly?

A military or political operation that is conducted with the goal of blaming it on an adversary is referred to as a “false flag.”

As a justification for going to war, nations will often stage an assault, either real or fake, against their own side and then claim that their enemy was the one who carried it out.

The term “flying the flag of a friendly country” was used in the 16th and 17th centuries to describe the practice of pirates who attempted to trick merchant vessels into allowing them to approach by pretending to fly the flag of a nation with whom they had an alliance.

Attacks carried out under a false pretext or Flag have a long and shady history.

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