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Organization Known for Exploiting Children

Exploiting Children

Midway through the month of December, eerie advertisements for “Paid Child Study, $2,000” began popping up on Craigslist. It has come to our attention that these advertisements relate to a firm known as StudyKIK. This organization is known for exploiting children by utilizing them as human lab rats for the development of new “vaccines.”

The advertisements target parents who are in such desperate need of cash that they are prepared to hand over their young kids to Big Pharma in return for a few fiat dollar bills from the Federal Reserve. Despite the fact that these ads violate Craigslist’s policies against “exploitation or endangerment of minors,” they continue to run.

The Covid Blog, which launched a new #BoycottCraigslist campaign in an effort to gain the attention of the firm and get the StudyKIK advertising deleted and banned, adds that “[Craistlist] also outlaws prescription pharmaceuticals and related commodities.” This is one of the reasons why the campaign was started.

“And yet, for some reason, StudyKIK is authorized to solicit participation from minors in its clinical trials,”
It’s time to bombard StudyKIK with a ton of phony contact information.

The advertisements first started showing up in the “labor gigs” area of Craigslist, which is used by those who are desperately in need of financial assistance. StudyKIK intends to take advantage of the children by adding them to its roster of six million human guinea pigs already in existence.

These advertisements for StudyKIK are prominently featured on virtually every major city page that is published on Craigslist, which raises the question: Why then is Craigslist turning a blind eye towards this clear violation of its rules of use?

The Covid Blog is exerting all of its efforts to bring people’s notice to the problem and find a solution to it. It has made direct inquiries with Craigslist regarding the situation; but, as of the time of this writing, it has not gotten any answer.

This same Covid Blog also has started a campaign to encourage as many individuals as possible to complete the StudyKIK section with fake contact details as a form of protest against the company’s exploitation and abuse of kids. This is done in recognition of the fact that situations like this typically result in nothing.

StudyKIK is utilizing children from low-income families as bait for Big Pharma in order to create large profits, similar to the way young black infants used to be used as bait by alligator hunters in Florida.

According to what is said on the page, “All of the genuine parents & critical thinkers out there ought to FLOOD THE STUDYKIK SIGN-UP DATABASE with bogus troll contact information.”

It’s possible that StudyKIK will wind up canceling their campaign due to the amount of trolling that’s been going on. In the midst of a conflict, concerned civilians are engaging in plain old-fashioned sabotage. These acts will rescue children indirectly, and they will also preserve some of those irresponsible parents from themselves.

This is the least that concerned parents can do to start fighting back against this pharma assault on society’s youngest and the most innocent members. Jab zealots all over are on a mission to jab everybody as they continue pursuing death for the unvaccinated, therefore this is the least that members of the public can do to stand and fight against this assault.

One user commented, “My mind is shattered by those terrible advertising,” and I quote: “my mind is blown.” “I will never be able to comprehend how humans can treat one another with such cruelty. It is impossible to fathom the level of wickedness and evil that exists in the world.

“What needs to happen in order for individuals to open their eyes and realize they need to safeguard the children? for individuals to discontinue their use of and support large IT companies?

One person commented that evil exists and can be found anywhere and that people may be cruel to one another both physically and emotionally for a variety of reasons. Some individuals are just sick and love seeing the suffering they cause in other people, and it would appear that this is the case with the globalists & their pharmaceutical and vaccination scams.

Someone else has said that “pushing vaccinations on youngsters is the largest crime in the history of humankind.” [Citation needed] “Yes, it’s the cleanest genocide (they didn’t cut hands, interrogate, slit throats, bomb, etc.) but it’s also the most twisted of them all since it purports to be “out of love, and concern” for the victims. “Yes, it is the purest genocide (they didn’t chop hands, brutality, cutthroats, bomb, etc.)

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