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Globalists use the Scarcity of Everything as a Weapon of Fear

The cosmos work as an ecosystem based on the principle of automated availability, but the Globalists use the scarcity of everything as a weapon.

Mass is plentiful (therefore free), or the conversion of mass into energy may be done at a cost that is very near zero (via hot fusion, cold fusion, LENR, etc.). The basic rules of physics provide a well-concealed provision for the appearance of automated abundance.

In turn, energy can be converted into fuels and fertilizer, which are two inputs that are required for economically viable food production. And furthermore, the universe gives us sunlight, which is a source of unrestricted heat, power, and chemical reactions that occur during photosynthesis.

Whenever geoengineering is not being used to make artificial droughts, precipitation may be seen falling from the heavens with no cost, as well as the waterways, rivers, or seas are alive with life and then a wealth of resources (except for when we pollute them with pesticides, bio-sludge, and plastics, of course).

Because of these blessings from Heaven, all of the elements that mankind requires in order to create plenty and put a stop to hardship actually exist and are almost entirely free for humankind to utilize. Every single living human has the potential to be healthy, prosperous, plentiful, clothed, or fed when such elements are appropriately harvested and utilized. Nobody should have to put up with a lack of resources.

Every ounce of scarcity that exists around the world seems to be a product of deliberate policy designed to exert control.

In order to purposely cause food shortages including hyperinflation, the government makes limitations by cutting off pipelines, closing down family farms, taxing production, or closing down farming production. The creation of new money reduces everyone’s ability to save, which in turn reduces the purchasing power of dollars that have already been earned.

Food and agricultural producers are put out of business as a direct result of excessive government oversight, which also contributes to an increase in the cost of food as well as planetary hunger. Moreover, the new sanctions that NATO has imposed against Russia had also wreaked havoc on supplies of fertilizer and fossil fuels for European Countries. This has resulted in an artificial demand for energy, which also will ultimately lead to cooling houses, cooling water, and disastrous price increases for electricity during the winter season. (For more targeted news coverage regarding the shortage issue, check out

The scarcity of everything

At this very moment, the BRICS countries are working at an unprecedented pace to implement their very own de-dollarization exchange. According to RT, Moscow and India have been currently processing currency transactions by not utilizing any dollars whatsoever. Russian and Chinese authorities will soon announce that they will also do the same things to pay yuan & rubles transactions without ever using dollars.

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