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According to the findings of Pfizer’s clinical trials, the COVID vaccination may contribute to immune deficiency syndrome

The data from the Phase I-II-III clinical trials conducted by Pfizer contain several results that I have found to be quite troubling. Inside this Pfizer Phase 3 Clinical trial, the death rate from sepsis was twenty-one times greater than usual in the group that was doubly inoculated, while the fatality rate from cardiovascular disease was twice higher than average.

This provides compelling evidence that perhaps the Pfizer Covid-19 infusion does, in actuality, end up causing a unique form of ‘acquired immunodeficiency syndrome,’ which has been postulated by a plethora of information obtainable from the UK Health Intelligence Service. Sepsis is caused by a failure of the immune system, so this supports the hypothesis that its Pharmaceutical company Covid-19 infusion does in actuality result in a new form of ‘acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.’

Here is a table that details the fatalities that occurred during the Pfizer trials, beginning with Dose 1 in July 2020 and continuing until unblinding after six months (January 2021)

Sepsis and septicemia are conditions that develop when the immune system is unable to successfully combat an infection caused by microorganisms (viral, yeast, or bacterial).

Emphysematous cholecystitis seems to be a form of acute cholecystitis that is caused by an infection with gas-producing organisms and affects only a small percentage of patients. The confirmation of gases inside the lumen and walls of the gallbladder using ultrasound or Computed tomography ( ct is required in order to diagnose the condition. Emphysematous cholecystitis, in contrast to acute cholecystitis, is more common in older patients and diabetic patients, and it is strongly linked with rupture and death. Acute cholecystitis can develop at any time during the patient’s life. –

It occurs when the immune system is unable to successfully fight off a microbial infection (one that is caused by viruses, yeast, or bacteria).

Cholecystitis is acute. Gallstones are the primary culprit in the majority of cases of acute cholecystitis. Infectious disease as well as a malignant tumor that obstructs the bile duct are two other causes of biliary obstruction. It’s possible that the inflammation is a result of systemic sepsis.

Sepsis of the gallbladder and bile ducts is known as biliary sepsis, and severe cholecystitis is a form of biliary sepsis.

The following table details the deaths that occurred in the US in 2020 along with the percentages attributable to each cause of death.

The first thing that leaps out at you when you look at these numbers is the fact that participants in the Pfizer experiment had a fatality rate of 17/19 deaths per 21,921/6 deaths every 6 months. In contrast, the average death rate for people living in the United States is 111.2 per 21,923 every six months. Participants in the Pfizer experiment had an overall mortality risk that was over six times lower than that of the general population.

According to the advertisements, the age distribution of the initial pool of participants was —

Those aged 12 to 15 years: 2260; those aged 16 to 17 years: 754; and those aged 18 to 55 years: 25,427
17,879 people above the age of 56
Pfizer must have excluded an outrageously large number of morbidities from their calculations in order to arrive at such an unrealistically low mortality rate. The methodology for their study indicates the participants that they did not include —

Next, there is an astonishing similarity between both the unvaccinated Covid or cardiac mortality rates (10.5% and 26.3% respectively) and those expected for the general population in 2020 (10.3% and 25.3% respectively). Therefore, despite the fact that the total number of fatalities is quite low. They give off the impression of being a very true depiction of the reality that is prevalent in the general public.

We currently have the admittance by the Center for disease control in response to a Freedom of Information Request that there is no log of an individual with natural immunity becoming getting infected and transmitting the virus to anybody. This serves as the definitive evidence that COVID immunization destroys the immune system. In addition, we now have the acknowledgment by the CDC.

While the UKHSA had 450,992 records of individuals with double vaccine immunity who’ve become infected with Covid between the months of October and November 2021 alone, this number was only a fraction of the total.

Could there be a more convincing argument that vaccines damage and degrade people’s immune systems, thereby preventing them from attaining the full natural immunity that they are capable of?

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