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NBC is reporting on new cancer warning labels for alcohol or is this simply a COVER-UP for cancer caused by the JAB

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), drinking alcohol raises the potential risk for six different kinds of cancer, including cancer of the breast, liver, rectum, colon, and esophagus, as well as cancer of the mouth and throat.

According to the assertion made by a recent mass media blitz, “the majority of Americans are still not informed of this relationship.” There haven’t been any specific health warning signs or efforts to place updated health warnings on alcoholic beverages until recently. The only exceptions to this are labels that the government has required to be placed on alcoholic beverages since 1989 that warn against operating heavy machinery while under the influence of alcohol. Why?

According to reports, the use of comparable labels in Canada resulted in a 6% decrease in alcohol consumption. The government agencies that regulate businesses and industries assert that the warnings will assist customers in making an “informed decision.” But wait, may all of this simply be a cover story, or another explanation, for the fact that the Covid clot injections have been responsible for widespread health problems all across the world?

This would be a very easy false explanation; but, given that there are over 15 million drinkers in the United States, this would not be acceptable. This needs thoughtful deliberation on your part.

What is the concept of “informed choice” with regard to covid immunizations, given that these vaccines are more lethal than the combined effects of alcohol, smoking, cocaine, or heroin?

Have you ever heard of “turbo cancer” being caused by vaccines?

Physicians in Canada have made the startling discovery that Pfizer mRNA boosting injections for Covid-19 may drastically raise the risk of T-cell lymphoma and cause a ‘turbo effect’ in the lymph nodes by accelerating the spread of cancer cells.

According to the findings of an investigation of PET/CT scans performed on people with cancer who received the injections that the CDC describes as “safe and effective,” this is the case.

Therefore, what we are talking about here is not a couple or three decades of excessive alcohol use, but rather only a few months or weeks after receiving the Fauci Flu shots, having cancer cells receive a “turbo boost,” and spreading like a wildfire in the lymph. If NBC News really cared about its viewers, it would cover the fact that this is a cancer-causing dish.

In other words, spike proteins from mRNA shots cause cancer, but the regulatory agencies of the United States government wouldn’t dare put a label such as that on vaccines. Instead, they come close to forcibly injecting Americans by trying to coerce them, threatening to fire people from employment (most actually were), and taking away their health care coverage. Meanwhile, the cover articles are running left and right, suggesting that it’s all about alcohol and cigarettes, in the hopes that nobody would research vaccine-induced cancer when the actual vaccine-induced cancer catastrophe approaches.

Fake news outlets and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) avoid discussing the link between alcohol & liver damage when combined with Tylenol.

How many individuals use pain medicines for their hangovers even when they still have alcohol in their systems?

Acetaminophen, which is sold under the brand name Tylenol, is a well-known pain reliever that is widely used to treat mild aches and pains, fever, and the dreaded hangover headache. The enzyme in the liver is compelled to make an effort to metabolize acetaminophen; nevertheless, alcohol may block the enzyme process; in this case, what occurs?

The more booze and Tylenol you consume, the greater the likelihood that you may sustain SEVERE damage to your liver. How are you doing, NBC News? Are you keeping track of this?

When you take acetaminophen, it changes into a compound that is dangerous, and your liver tries to get rid of it. However, consuming alcohol encourages the body to generate MORE of this poisonous material, which puts an additional strain on the liver and causes it to be attacked. When the organs that cleanse the body are compromised, cancer cells have an easier time moving in for the slaughter. Will the CDC & FDA put warning labels similar to this one on bottles of Tylenol? Extremely improbable.

The harm caused by the COVID vaccination is being covered up by fake news. They are using every conceivable justification to justify their actions. Ice baths, referee whistles, computer games, or mystical particles in the air are some of the everyday activities or occurrences that have recently been labeled as extremely hazardous for the heart by false information and also the medical industrial complex. These activities and occurrences have been brought to our attention.

Now that we know the Wuhan Flu vaccinations cause accelerated cancer, the false news industry has no choice but to boost up its warnings on the dangers of alcohol and cigarettes as cover stories. We won’t be purchasing it.

In 2016, the World Health Organization (WHO) released new guidelines stating that alcohol consumption can cause cancer, and recommended that warning labels be placed on alcohol products to inform consumers of the potential risks. These labels would state that drinking alcohol can cause cancer of the mouth, throat, esophagus, liver, colon, and breast. The guidelines also recommended that governments should take steps to reduce the harm caused by alcohol, such as increasing taxes on alcohol products, regulating the marketing and advertising of alcohol, and limiting the availability of alcohol. However, it is up to individual countries or regions to implement these guidelines and to decide on the specific language and design of the warning labels.

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