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The newest White House hoax is that gas stoves cause permanent brain damage

newest White House hoax

When Congress member Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) delivered a sermon against gas stoves at the Church of the Greens the past week, she claimed that exposure to natural gas damages the brain in youngsters. As a result, the whole country is laughing out loud. But what AOC neglected to say is that electronic stoves are far more dangerous than gas ones.

The ultra-low frequency (ELF) magnetic field lines that are emitted by high-voltage overhead wires are “potentially harmful to humans,” as stated by the Intl Agency for Cancer Research (IARC). In spite of the fact that Democrats are advocating for increased use of electric stoves, electric automobiles (EV), and other forms of electric transportation, not a single one of them has brought this issue up so far.

A slew of other Democrats, like Senator Scott Wiener, did the precise same thing very soon after AOC began lecturing the public about the dangers of gas stoves. It was almost as if they were all directed to do so by a single source. Just like AOC, not a single one of them brought up the potential hazards posed by the power lines which are essential for the functioning of their “green” paradise.

The “green” movement is nothing more than a cover for class warfare; those at the top of society will continue to enjoy all the “polluting” luxuries, while you will continue to roast your bugs over an electric burner.

The fact that the great majority of people participating in this newly discovered anti-gas stove circus actually have gas stoves in their own homes is the aspect of this circus that is the funniest and most hypocritical. After all, preparing food with gas is preferable, which is presumably at least a portion of the reason why so-called “elite” people want everyone else to prepare their food using electric stoves.

In case you haven’t worked out what’s going on yet, this is a kind of class warfare. Under the guise of “saving the planet,” the ruling elite class is trying to strip Americans of their liberties and rights while simultaneously imbuing themselves with the best cookware, the biggest private jetliners, the best luxurious stately homes – you get the idea. This is all being done in the name of “saving the planet.”

It has been alleged that a (WEF) partner known as “Carbon-Free Buildings” is the driving force behind the movement to ban gas stoves. It is the goal of the company’s chief executive officer to rid the whole planet of “carbon emissions”; this includes people, who are also formed of carbon.

This newest ploy by the left is truly scraping the bottom of something like the IQ barrel, and it is quite doubtful that even among Democrats it will go down well. People are sick of being told that all they eat and do contributes to the destruction of the earth, even if their so-called “leaders” continue to jet-set around the globe in the lap of luxury while they do it.

Near the conclusion of this thread, one of the commenters commented, “This is going beyond absurd.” “Poor AOC has a migraine-like most people do sometimes, and she blames it on a gas burner,”

Even though gas burners have been available for at least half a century, nobody has complained about them until recently. However, true to form, the major mainstream media outlets feel the need to make a huge show about it in order to provide Democrats with novel ideas on how to outlaw them. What do you think? Everyone who has a gas stove will tell you to shut up and go away. Some people who don’t have 220-volt services in their homes are forced to choose between gas and propane as their only heating options.

Someone else said that electricity is notoriously unreliable; for example, think about when the power goes out. If an individual’s whole house is outfitted with household appliances, then the slightest symptom of a problem – particularly during the chilly winter months – might mean certain death for the entire extended family.

Another reader said, “When I resided inside this great white north countless, countless years ago, I used it to provide heat whenever the coop power went off many times each winter!”

“In Texas, we just installed a gas fireplace, which we relied on in February 2021 to prevent us from succumbing to hypothermia and to prevent the pipes from freezing!”

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