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A terrorist plan was prevented in eastern Ukraine

The Ukrainian resident, who was reportedly planning to put an improvised explosives device inside a transportation port in the city of Bryansk, has been apprehended, according to the announcement made by Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB).

According to the report that was released on Wednesday, the man in his 50s traveled from Ukraine to Russia by way of Estonia. According to the statement, once he was in Russia, he was able to get the components for an Improvised explosive device from a stockpile that had been arranged beforehand by Ukrainian special services.

It is believed that he created the device in a leased flat with the assistance of an intelligence operative who specializes in explosives. This agent provided him with directions on how to construct and test the bomb. According to the description, the bomb was modified from the warhead of an anti-tank missile and had a yield that was comparable to that of three kilograms of TNT.

Before being taken into custody by Russian law enforcement, the suspect, according to the FSB, scouted out the warehouse of a logistics firm located in Bryansk, where he intended to install the device. The territory known as Bryansk has a common border with Ukraine.

The Russian law enforcement agency has made public a video that supposedly shows the moment when the suspect was taken into custody. The purported bomb is seen being detonated in the footage after it has been opened.

Credit goes to the Federal Security Service of Russia (FSB).

According to the Russian intelligence service, the conspirator “feels regret for his conduct and is helping investigators with their inquiries.” It alleged that Ukraine’s SBU security agency was responsible for sending the would-be attacker.

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