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Australia Prohibits the Unvaccinated from Consuming Booze

I thought this would NEVER happen, yet it did, as Australia now prohibits the unvaccinated from consuming booze while standing at wedding celebrations

New Southern Wales put extreme social limitations on ALL individuals that refused to be jabbed.

The Premier of New Sth Wales (NSW), Australia, went forward with plans to open the economy but ONLY to the “totally immunized” as a consequence prevent those individuals that have never gotten the abortion-tainted COVID shots from having easy access to a lot of public locations, this guy went as far as to place limitation or restrictions on alcohol consumption, get this, WHEN STANDING in wedding events.

I kid you NOT, this is the type of overreach these power-hungry politicians are making you do, hey, this WILL NEVER stop, don’t you think for a second that If you bend the knee, this ends… NO, heck NO, they will Just continue to pound on us all, again and again, taking away more and more of our freedoms. OK, enough of me whining, let’s get back to the story.

Let me ask you Something: What is Your Freedom Worth?

During a Nov 2nd headline, NSW Dominic Perrottet lessened the time frame to Nov 8th rather than December 1st. Every person twelve & up must put on a face mask to “go in” to any facilities.

The un-jabbed, that includes anybody that has only one jab of a two-dose vaccination, are only allowed access to what the NSW authorities have identified to be “critical retail industry grounds,” consisting of supermarkets, gas stations, newsagents, drug stores, and even pet shops, this is straight from the governing administration’s internet site.

In order to lawfully go to these shops, a face mask needs to be used at all times, and at “check-in” proof of vaccination needs to be provided to the establishment. It does NOT matter if the science says that MASK DO NOT protect against the virus, or the jabs don’t prevent spreading or getting it, NO… Do as you are told slave, we rule you now.

Given that COVID cases climbed in immunized nations such as Israel, the U.K., including the USA, hopes that inoculation might protect against contamination or perhaps stop transmittal have already diminished.

Australians to be Imprisoned for 2 years for Breaking COVID Orders

On the other hand, coronavirus vaccination trials have never ever generated any proof that the injections prevent contamination or even transmission. Neither do these jabs decrease a hospital stay?

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