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Merck Reveals Test Results For Experimental COVID Pill

Experimental COVID Pill by Merck

Seems that Merck just beat Pfizer to the punch. Merck revealed Friday that an experimental COVID pill they created decreased hospital stays and even death by half in those infected by COVID.

They will be asking health authorities in the United States as well as overseas to license the pill.

FDA Administrator Dr. Scott Gottlieb said to Real NewsCast, the test results are undeniable “exceptionally” favorable, despite the fact that analysts ended the trial early because the tests were SO SUCCESSFUL, implying that it would be immoral to continue giving sufferers sugar pills or the placebo.

In order to evaluate this, they needed to assess or test at least 700 unvaccinated individuals in an international or world study. ( We have NOT seen this study as of yet )

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Individuals used were in the “higher threat” classification because of variables such as aging, and additional attributes from their “overall health biography”.

They say that 7% of the volunteers from the group who took the pill were hospitalized, and none passed away, compared to a 14% rate of hospitalization and loss of life (incorporate 8 that passed away) in the sugar pill or placebo group of people.

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Basing On Dr. Gottlieb, “that is an incredible result. This stuff is an absolute game-changer, we now have an oral pill which received that type of result on sufferers that are symptomatic.”

Dr. Gottlieb even went on to say that the organization that created the pill “they are the first to develop an antibody agent against Ebola, therefore, this is really a great drug-development organization.”

“And keep in mind we offer a couple of other pharmaceuticals in development, one by Pfizer (in which Dr. Gottlieb serves on the panel) and the other with Roches,” he said.

Patients will not be taking the medication for a long time, commonly approximately 5 days, and that indicates “the safety measure profile is most likely pretty good,” Dr. Gottlieb claimed.

The question remains -Do we TRUST these people after what has and is taking place today?

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