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A Judge Ordered Fauci and his Accomplices to provide evidence of collaboration

Trump appointee Judge Terry Doughty has demanded the immediate release of all files related to the federal government’s colluding with Big Tech regarding the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic. These documents include communications between Tony Fauci, the White House press secretary, as well as other members of Joe Biden’s regime.

On August 31st, a “tranche of discovery” involving more than Fifty government employees across 12 federal agencies was first released as a result of a lawsuit brought by attorneys general from Louisiana & Missouri. Unfortunately, not all government employees were willing to help.

Fauci is one of them; he is the current head of the (NIAID), and he’s coincidentally ready to depart from his role after years of “services” to the federal government. Another example was Jean-Pierre, who ignored the court’s directive. (In a related note, Fauci’s spouse Christine Grady helped spread a deadly disease that targeted children.)

Firstly, “the required material is clearly extremely important to Plaintiffs’ claims,” Doughty stated. For instance, “Dr. Fauci’s correspondence will be pertinent to Plaintiffs’ accusations in regard to alleged censorship of speech pertaining to the lab-leak hypothesis of COVID-19’s beginnings, and to purported speech censorship about the effectiveness of masks as well as COVID-19 detentions,” as stated by the court.

The comments Jean-Pierre made while serving as the White House press secretary “may be applicable to all of Plaintiffs’ instances,” he said.

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