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Saskatchewan authorities can sanction the entry into any property or land, without having a warrant, by anyone in the course of executing an emergency plan of action.’

Canadian authorities passed Orwellian-like emergency powers in the name of combating COVID that permit authorities to restrain or even remove individuals without a warrant, confiscating private property at will.

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Under these new health-related orders, the Saskatchewan government minister can sanction or authorize entry in virtually ANY structure, land or property, without having a warrant in the name of carrying out an emergency order.

The state & federal government is likewise given the power to ” remove people and relocate them and or animals, including personal effects from any location in Saskatchewan that is or perhaps might be impacted with an emergency situation.”

Serious concerns have been brought up regarding Covid-19

The brand new Provincial Order under “The Emergency Situation Planning Measure” was executed on September 13th, by Premier Scott Moe.

“Premier Kenney teamed up with Prime Minister Trudeau in scapegoating, demonizing, and even damning the minority of unvaccinated people.”

The COVID-19 shots authorized for emergency situation usage throughout Canada, consisting of the Pfizer shot for KIDS 12 and over, all feature links to cells originated from aborted children, that might cause blood clots...

The orders were revealed by the Saskatchewan Department of Health.

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