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Alex Soros’ Plot for the “Biggest Migrant Crisis in History” Exposed by Viktor Orbán

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán reveals the alarming plan orchestrated by Alex Soros, son of George Soros, to unleash the largest migrant crisis ever witnessed. Get the satirical lowdown on this shocking revelation and its implications for Hungary.

In a twist worthy of a Hollywood thriller, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán recently took to the airwaves to expose a nefarious plot orchestrated by none other than Alex Soros, the son of notorious billionaire George Soros. Orbán, a long-standing critic of the Soros empire, warned that Alex Soros, a more radical and dangerous figure than his father, is funding and masterminding the “biggest migrant crisis in history.” Buckle up and get ready for a satirical breakdown of this eyebrow-raising revelation.

Viktor Orbán Exposes Alex Soros’ Sinister Plan

EU Migration Deal and Hungary’s Opposition

The European Union’s migration deal inked just a few weeks ago, faced staunch opposition from Hungary and Poland. Both countries voiced objections to accepting migrants who had entered other EU nations. As per the deal’s terms, member states were required to either accommodate a predetermined number of relocated asylum-seekers annually or pay a hefty €20,000 for each rejected migrant. Orbán claimed that Hungary would be forced to accept around 8,500 migrants, but he remains steadfast in his refusal to comply with Brussels’ diktats.

Alex Soros and the “Soros Empire Strikes Back”

Orbán argued that the sudden emergence of the migration deal was a result of lobbying efforts led by Alex Soros, who allegedly “dictates an even tougher pace” than his father. The Hungarian Prime Minister ominously warned his compatriots to brace themselves for the Soros family’s deliberate incitement of migrants and increased pressure on Hungary’s southern border. With biting sarcasm, Orbán quipped that the “Soros empire has struck back,” effectively imposing its agenda on the majority of Europeans.

Soros 2.0 – The Heir’s Agenda Unveiled

George Soros recently announced his intention to pass the reins of his empire to his son, 37-year-old Alexander “Alex” Soros. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Alex Soros proudly proclaimed himself as “more political” than his globalist financier father. He vowed to continue pursuing hard-left policies on issues such as abortion, voting rights, and gender equality. Orbán wasted no time in mocking this dynastic handover, posting a gif from The Godfather on his Twitter account, with the caption “Soros 2.0.”

Orbán’s Accusations and the War in Ukraine

In a shocking twist, Orbán accused George Soros of acting as a “war speculator” and actively obstructing peaceful negotiations to resolve the conflict in Ukraine. The Hungarian Prime Minister claimed that the Soros family relentlessly attacked former U.S. President Donald Trump due to his persistent calls for peace talks between Moscow and Kyiv. In a sarcastic show of support, Orbán publicly cheered on Trump, urging him to continue fighting for peace, as he believed the world desperately needed the former president’s diplomatic prowess.


Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s recent radio appearance shed light on a startling revelation—the supposed orchestration of the “biggest migrant crisis in history” by Alex Soros, son of George Soros. Orbán’s satirical commentary and astute observations on the machinations of the Soros empire have ignited a firestorm of debate. As the world watches the drama unfold, only time will tell if Orbán’s claims hold true. Stay tuned for more twists and turns in this saga of political intrigue and power struggles.

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